_MG_2058EDIT_MG_2054EDIT_MG_2064EDIT_MG_2063EDIT_MG_2048EDIT Kimono:Missguided

Swimsuit: H&M

Sunglasses: Topshop


 Hi guys! I am posting another holiday outfit today from my time in Mexico. Oh my do I wish i was back there now. Just look at that beach! The sea was so blue and so clear and the sand was white as white. Cancun really is a stunning place and it has lots to offer in terms of activities. During my stay I swam with dolphins which was a truly brilliant experience, those creatures are unbelievably clever and cute. I visited a water park and we went to this park called Xplor where you can ride on ziplines that are 150ft in the air; raft and swim through caves; and race around in ATVs. I really recommend this trip if you are going. On our last night we were also able to release these baby turtles into the sea which was a great thing to do. I named mine Antonio after a waiter in our hotel and it was so cute watching it flap it’s way towards the sea and then get swept off by its first experience of a wave. I still wonder how that little mite is getting on! Ha! Simply relaxing is perfect in Cancun though, with a stunning beach like this you could never get bored of lounging around.

So today’s post is some beach wear inspiration. I really do like an all-in-one swimsuit at the moment. They are much better for swimming in as you don’t have to worry about losing anything ha. I really liked this one shoulder, black, cut out suit from H&M. The only trouble with it is that you would get terrible tan lines if you wore it too long in the sun. I styled my swimsuit with this beautiful long, black kimono from Missguided which looked really nice. There is something about wearing black on the beach which looks really cool. Both products are of great quality and the kimono would also look great styled for daytime or evening wear so you may see it again on my blog in the future. I am wearing a bag I was given by FYT & Co from their SS14 collection. This tote became my ultimate beach essential and I have a matching rucksack which served as a great airport bag too which will be featured next week. FYT & Co pride themselves on their Britishness and colourful aesthetic. I really love the contrast of the neutral simplistic design against the vibrant bold design. And the quality is really good, take a look online at their new season products at fytandco.com. I also wore these with my black Birkenstocks but when my sister tried to take a nice shot of them on the beach a wave came up and swept them away, and after retrieving them they didn’t look so nice so we gave up haha. Check back next week for my final holiday post which will also be my last summer post as I introduce new season wear! I have so many great bits to show you.

Photography By Tia Gardiner


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Top: River Island

Shorts: Primark

Shoes: River Island

Jewellery: Mexican Market

Hola! After two beautiful weeks in glorious Cancun I am feeling really refreshed and motivated to cling onto the last bit of the summer season and provide you with a few holiday outfit posts. Firstly I would like to just say that if you are thinking about heading to Mexico on vacation any time soon then definitely get out there. I feel so lucky to have gone. Mexico is such a stunning and warm hearted country. As soon as you arrive you are greeted with outstanding hospitality and their kind and helpful nature isn’t just part of the travel service it seems like it is built naturally within their culture. We found ourselves a little lost one day after venturing out to a market but a local approached us and walked us to the correct bus stop to get home, a good quarter mile away, just out of the goodness of his heart. Mexico is so beautiful with clear blue seas, white sand and a host of lovely buildings. I could go on for a while about my stay but I will spread it across my three holiday posts. If you have any questions then please do ask me!

My outfit is slightly gothic for a holiday ensemble but it can sometimes feel quite nice to go for a darker pallet in such a bright and beautiful country. I decided to create a make shift two piece using a couple of faux leather items in my wardrobe and I think it looked pretty cool. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and try things together that you are not too sure about as sometimes the outcome can surprise you. I am in love with this River Island V-neck top, I wasn’t able to link it online but you can still find it in store. I adore the clean cut and I think it is a great A/W piece to style as well. I also bought it in white so that will  be styled on here soon with a more autumnal feel. I also have to make a quick comment on my little bracelet featured. I purchased this at a Mexican market and it has the Mayan astrology symbol on it which I liked, my sign is called Cimi the sign of death which I suppose is quite fitting for the look of this outfit post. If you look online you can find out your sign and its meaning! Look out for my next post this time next week!

Photography By Tia Gardiner


117592303  hmprod  sm_at_24_02_14-00013 

Jaquard Dress

_MG_1510EDIT_MG_1525EDIT_MG_1511EDIT _MG_1533EDIT _MG_1515EDIT_MG_1521EDIT_MG_1535EDIT _MG_1516EDIT _MG_1536EDIT
Dress: Red Label

Cardigan: The Lookbook Store

Shoes: River Island 

Hello All! Today I am posting my collaboration with Red Label, wearing one of their pretty dresses. This white jaquard overlay dress is so cute! I always think white dresses look best styled as minimal as possible and teamed with muted tones rather than bold hues. The dress features a lovely floral jacquard effect with cut out detailing and an overlay of fabric which makes you think it could be a two piece. The back has a rose gold zip and so I decided to wear my rose gold shoes which if you go into store soon you may be able to grab a pair but I believe they have gone into sale meaning I couldn’t link them for you. I have provided a link to some other rose gold heels as an alternative. Red label is really affordable and have a variety of different pieces that may take your fancy so have a little browse! I put on my long length, grey cardi for an extra layer and also my shell clip that my sister bought back from Thailand for me. My little anklets are also a present from her trip to Thailand.

Photography by Tia Gardiner


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Crochet Kimono

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Kimono: [New Look]

Top: [Topshop]

Skirt: [H&M]

Shoes: [Missguided]

Hey! Here is my latest Sunday post! I did not think I would get one up because of the horrific weather but my sister and I managed to run out and capture some images in between the outbreaks of rain. Just a little update before I move on to talk about my outfit; I am moving to London this week and I am super excited! I have always felt that I belong in a city where life is a bit livelier and what better city to go for than the fashion capital! I will be closer to work and it also means that attending blog events will be a lot easier too.

Today I have on this really pretty Kimono from New Look; kimonos have been huge this year and there have been so many stunning styles to choose from but this simple black crochet detailed kimono is one of my favourites as it will go with everything and it is really affordable. I would also like to get a floor length one from somewhere as they look great. I teamed my kimono with this lovely little frilled skirt which looks really feminine and summery. To complete the look I put on a simple grey crop top and these really simplistic sandals from Missguided that I adore.

Photography By Tia Gardiner


jk  09F01FGYM_large  hmprod  mirlla_6

Stepping Back

_MG_1368_MG_1369zzzzzz zzzzzzzzz _MG_1366zz z3

zzzzTop: [River Island]

Trousers: [Boohoo]

Shoes: [River Island]

Sunglasses: [Topshop]

Hat: [Romwe]

Bag: Used to be mums!

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay in this post but I have some exciting times ahead as I am finally moving to London and have been preparing myself for this new chapter of my life. I am very excited! I would also like to say that my blog may have a complete transformation soon as I have a few new ideas up my sleeve! Today I am embracing trousers that are stepping back in time. These retro monochrome wide leg trousers from Boohoo are my new love! With a real 70’s flare influence these woven trousers are so perfect for summer, ultra comfortable and super trendy. The retro swirl print is really fun and looked best teamed with a simple cami and this summers shoe trend, the ugly Birkenstocks ha! I kept the look as minimal as possible as the trousers are pretty loud and I added my new cat eye sunglasses from Topshop. I have been hunting for the perfect sunnys for ages and finally settled on these ones which also came with a little sunglasses holder and cloth. Enjoy the rest of the sun!

Photography by Tia Gardiner


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Madonna Mesh

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Crop Top: Asos [Alternative Here]

Top: Asos [Here in other colours]

Jeans: [River Island]

Shoes: [River Island]

Afternoon! Here is this weeks post! Before I begin, you may or may not have noticed that I have changed my blog domain! So I am now charnellegeraldine.com, losing the ‘wordpress’ bit in my URL. I finally got round to doing it! I have been meaning to blog this oversized mesh top for aaaages and so unfortunately it is no longer available on the site, however I have linked the same top for you in different colours. If you search Asos you will also find it in a white too. Just ask if you would like me to send the link! As my mum said to me, it is a very old-school Madonna looking piece ha but I do love a bit of mesh! I wore my caged crop top underneath , I would have preferred to wear my plain, strappy crop top underneath so as not to look too ‘edgy’ and make it more wearable but I couldn’t find it anywhere! I calmed the look down almost with my light wash mom jeans and my favourite shoes of the moment, my mules! I adore the mules in Zara but these River Island ones are perfect too and actually really comfortable. I also like the wooden heel detail which you don’t get with Zara. Let me know what you think! And make sure you come back next Sunday to see my next post! :)

Soft Hues

58  7 43

1Top: [Topshop]

Jeans: [River Island]

Bag: H&M [In-Store]

Shoes: [River Island]

Hey! This weeks look is continuing on with the muted tones trend, keeping it nice and simple. I really love these River Island jeans, the colour is really great; a nice subtle light grey. The ‘Lana’ fit is quite good, not my favourite but still quite nice. They sit high waisted and I chose to turn up the bottoms for more of a summery look. I also like the rose gold detail to the button. The white jeans trend is really hot at the moment and I was going to invest in a pair but then these caught my eye and I thought they were a more wearable colour. I teamed them with this pretty lace peplum top from Topshop; I’m not really a fan of peplum but recently I have bought a couple of peplum bits that have been really nice! I felt white worked best with the colour of the jeans and added my metallic platform sandals for some more interest. Lastly I have on my new little white bag! After buying my little black bag featured in last weeks post, I just had to get this one when I saw it. At only £8 they are the perfect little bags to throw over your shoulder on an evening out or to nip up the road when you don’t want to carry lots with you. I hope you like this look and make sure you check back next week for another outfit post :)