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Hey! So one of my style obessesions is double denim.

Denim in general really is always a winner with me.

Asos, Topshop and Pull & Bear are my go to stores for anything denim.

In todays post I styled up this seasons big trend, the button-up skirt; and paired it with a baggy fit denim jacket.

The good thing about denim is that it can literally be paired with anything!

This post was photographed in the popular East London destination of Brick Lane.

If you haven’t visited Brick Lane before then I highly recommend it.

It is the hub of all things fashion, art and culture.

Brick Lane is lined with graffiti, vintage clothing shops, food stalls, street performers, art galleries and interesting markets.

It is a great location to gain lots of fashion inspiration as people who dare to be different hang out in these places.

Brick Lane is also a great spot for picking up good denim.

You can find vintage Levi everywhere  and cool customised denim as well.

The bag has now gone in sale but I have seen it in stores recently for just £18.

My necklace is also in store but I couldn’t find it on the website.

Check back next Sunday for another  style post and remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Thank you!



Photography and Film by Samantha Jones samanthajwebb.com


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So, I am really into my basics.

I am most happy throwing on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a bomber jacket and heading for the door.

However sometimes basics just look a bit too… well, basic!

If you get what I mean.

Sometimes you just want to look a little bit more put together.

So todays look is me just jazzing up my go-to pieces.

I really think a bold lip finishes any outfit and a pair of heels takes you from ordinary to interesting.

From casual to creative.

I don’t know why but my usual monochrome bias eye has been diverging from the norm.

I find myself really attracted to rich, vibrant reds.

A good pop of colour is another way of enhancing your basic outfit.

That is the beauty of basics, they act as a blank canvas for you to adapt according to your mood.

What are your essential basics? Or do you find them boring?

Check back next Sunday for my next style post.

Thanks guys!



Photography and Film: Samantha Jones http://www.samanthajwebb.com/







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Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a good week!?

This weeks post is a very simple, casual look. Something I  would wear on an ordinary day. 

Over the past year I feel I have found my ‘personal style,’ as cheesy as that sounds.

I basically realised that I feel most comfortable and content with my outfits when I wear more sporty, urban or 90’s looks.

It made me think about my shopping habbits and about trends.

I was spending money, buying into the latest trends to keep up with the fast pace of fashion.

My wardrobe was constantly changing and I was ebaying old clothes all the time.

Nothing was staying in my wardrobe for very long as I was getting bored of my clothes too quickly.

This is how I began to change my perspective on clothing and my style.

Why was I buying into trends that weren’t here for the longevity when there are styles that aren’t currently ‘on trend’ that I will never get bored of?

For example, the 70s trend. I love the look of this trend, and I tried on flared jeans every time I went shopping.

However, this trend I know will last for the year and I will have got bored of flare jeans within a month of wearing them.

Whereas if I spent my money on staple pieces I will never get bored of such as a good quality denim jacket then I am being more responsible financially and have an item of clothing that will keep its place firmly in my wardrobe for a long period of time.

I know that I cannot go wrong with anything denim, bomber jackets, trainers and oversized tees.

It is all about investing in trendy pieces that will fit into your personal style. If I purchased those flared jeans then I would have needed to buy lots of off-the-shoulder tops, printed blouses and fringed items to go with them; which aren’t my style.

I did however invest in the 70s trend by purchasing some jogger style flares.

These fit both into my personal sporty style and also the current 70s trend. I will create a style post very soon styling these for you to see!

Let me know your opinions on trends and whether you are a trend follower or whether you prefer sticking to your own style?

Check back next Sunday for a new post!



Photography and film by: Samantha Jones http://www.samanthajwebb.com/



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Hi guys!

So! Long time since I been on this site!

8 months in fact!

WordPress is even looking a little bit alien, but I am starting to find my feet again.

So I thought it would be rude to not mention why I have had suuuuch a long break from blogging.

Well, as some of you may know I started my blog after university when I was unemployed and trying to find my way into the fashion industry. This time last year I was lucky enough to gain a full time job at River Island head office within their photography studio, which I love!

I managed to balance commuting 5 hours a day, working full-time and blogging regularly right through summer. It was such a busy time in my life and by the end of summer I realised it was all a bit to much to deal with so unfortunately I had to stop blogging.

Along with this I was feeling a bit deflated with it all, my blog was feeling a little rushed and neglected and I wasn’t happy with my styling. Rather than produce something I was unhappy with I decided to take a break until I felt I could have good quality blog content and clothes that really reflect my style.

Some of you also may know that I am now living in London which also put a strain on things as it meant that I was living away from my little sister who used to take my photos for me.

However I now feel ready and inspired to start it all up again, with a new, fresh and improved way of doing things. I am lucky to have photographers on board and my sister will still be involved too!

I am very keen to have a presence on Youtube and so this is an extra feature to my blog which I hope you will enjoy!

I thought I would kick start with a few River Island pieces of course! I really love sporty, sort of urban looks but in a simplistic sort of style. This look is clean but has that sporty edge with the ‘boy’ cut shorts.

Any feedback on what you see would be amazing. I am so happy to be back and look forward to everything that blogging brings. Feel free to comment below or pop me an email at: charnellegeraldine@outlook.com

To begin with I will be posting every Sunday, but in the future who knows!

Thanks guys!

Charnelle x


Photography & Video: Samantha Jones: www.samanthajwebb.com


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Jumpsuit: H&M

Boots: River Island

Hi all! Today I am happy to be blogging this beautiful jumpsuit I purchased from H&M. I recommend that everybody goes out to their closest H&M store and grabs one before they sell out. No really, this piece is such a great staple item for your autumn winter wardrobe. I love everything about it, the fit; the colour; the texture; it really is a great piece. It is made of a lyocell mix and it is so soft to the touch and super comfortable. I threw on my little black leather boots from River Island and I really felt that this simple outfit had a modern artisan feel to it. The jumpsuit with its long sleeves looks slightly like overalls that mechanics wear haha, and the colour gives it a sort of industrial feel.

Photography by Tia Gardiner


jumpsuit  656355_main




Suited and Booted


Blazer: H&M

Top: Topshop

Trousers: River Island

Shoes: River Island

Hi guys! So here it is, my very first new season post. Tailoring is a trend that I am really enjoying for AW14. I am going to invest in lots of suits and blazers and smart shirts for this season as I think it is such a great look. I also want to try out 70’s style tailored outfits, inspired by things I have seen in magazines. You can go for more fitted feminine looks or oversized androgynous styles which are great to play around with. Todays suited and booted look is made from this super-affordable blazer I bought from H&M and some high-waisted black tapered trousers that I lived in last autumn. Black blazers are a real staple piece, they go with everything and smarten up any outfit. I turned up the bottom of my trousers for a more wearable style and put on my slip-on mules to complete the look. I am thinking of starting up a pinterest or tumblr with all the things I see that inspire me and my outfit choices. If this is something you think you would be interested in seeing then please let me know! Have a great week xx

Photography by Tia Gardiner


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Top: H&M

Skirt: River Island

Jaket: River Island


Shoes: River Island

Scrunchie: River Island

Hi everyone. I am uploading my very last summer post today. I have clung onto summer styling as long as physically possible but I think it is now time to accept that the new season is upon us. Therefore next week my blog will be updated with more autumnal pieces, I am really excited to show you all the new season pieces I have purchased recently. This post was also taken in Mexico, we found a really cool derelict building on the beach not far from our hotel and it created really scenic back drop for these images. This look is an all-white ensemble, again playing around with creating my own make-shift two piece. I am wearing another FYT&Co bag that I recieved and I have to say that it made the most perfect airport bag. It features the same design and colours as my tote bag in the previous post and what I loved about using it as an airport bag is its functionality. The outside zip compartment actually detaches and so it was great for having your important bits to hand in just seconds by putting them in this section. Again it is great quality and has a real fun, almost retro feel to it. You could change this outfit into a more suitable piece for the coming season by wearing white jeans instead of a skirt and adding a white duster coat for a real statement look.

I just want to say thank you for all your lovely comments and I apologise for not responding but I have broken my laptop and so typing on my ipad is really difficult to do. Hopefully my laptop will be sorted soon so I can build up that communication again! Thank you for reading my blog and make sure you look back this time next week for my first autumn post!

Photography By Tia Gardiner  


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