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    A little chat about a few things new for me in 2019.

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    My first autumn post of 2019, discussing knitwear and savvy spending.

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  • What I Did And Wore In Cyprus

    Sharing some holiday outfits and Cyprus highlights!

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  • Investing In Evening Wear And A Good Place To Start

    Making An Effort To Make An Effort & My New Self Portrait Jumpsuit

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  • 10 ASOS Summer Picks and A Good Nights Sleep!

    This post is sponsored by Leesa Mattress


    I went off of ASOS for a little while, purely because I wasn’t seeing anything which particularly catered to my style or tickled my fancy. However currently they have a handful of things which I think are super nice that I wanted to share with you guys. 10 things which are nice pieces for wearing every day in the summer, not just for those warmer climates on holiday. These are also things that I feel will see you through to next summer as well!

    The first is the jumpsuit which I have on in this post. Jumpsuits are pretty tricky to get right, and although I feel this could fit me a bit better; I think it’s such a lovely item. Made from white denim, this jumpsuit is fitted at the top with a backless detail and then has straight leg bottoms. If like me, you are obsessed with white this summer, then I recommend getting this as it is working for me in the daytime sunshine with sandals but also as an option for the evening with some high barely-there heels. When it gets a bit colder I will most definitely be teaming it with a grey t-shirt underneath as well!

    Below are more things that you should be adding to your wish list and that will be cropping up in posts on my blog!


    Basket Bag | Topshop



    This post has very kindly been sponsored by Leesa Mattress. I put up a post about moving in with my boyfriend recently and Leesa offered to send me one of their mattresses to see if we liked it; and if we did to share it with you all.

    I think that having a good mattress can be taken for granted really. We have really enjoyed the mattress which has been with us for a month now and it really does help towards getting a good nights sleep. We were really excited to receive it as its fun getting new homeware bits when you move in together and a super comfy mattress sounded dreamy!

    You know when you go into a bed shop and lay on all the nice mattresses, that’s what I think we were doing in our heads in anticipation of it coming. And I felt like if you are in the market for a new mattress as well then this could be handy!


    So as not to bore you and to give you the lowdown as quick as possible! The unique selling point of the Leesa Mattress is its unique design. In a nutshell it has three built in layers

    Layer 1 | Which is a Cooling Avena Foam for providing airflow and keeping you cool while also allowing a bit of bounce for easy, comfortable movement.

    Layer 2 | This layer us a  Pressure Relieving Memory Foam which gives you body contouring.

    Layer 3 | Then under all of that is a layer of dense core support which is durable and supports everything without being too firm.


    Something else I also learnt was that Leesa donate one mattress to charitable causes, for every ten sold which I think is amazing.

    We requested a king-size mattress which retails at £699; it fits perfectly and we really have had a much better nights sleep with it!

    If you are interested in getting a new comfy mattress then I will leave the website link and you can also use discount code CHARNELLEGERALDINE to get £100 off of your mattress purchase. Feel free to pop me any questions in the comments!



    The photos in todays post were taken on a weekend out shopping with my sister. We had a look around the shops, treated ourselves to some milkshakes and sat in the park in the sunshine.
    I have been trying to capture snippets of my weekends on camera to add to my blog posts, alongside my outfit pictures. I want to get better at photography and this is proving a good way to motivate myself to practise; while also giving me some extra content to play with! There are so many beautiful things to capture and I can't wait to see my photography improve on here!


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