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  • 5 Fashion Favourites

    Fashion is super exciting this season, taking a walk down oxford circus on Monday justified that there is so much garment goodness to get your hands on.

    Here are five current fashion favourites of mine, pieces that are inspiring my purchases and things that you might like to buy yourself!

    Number 1 is statement or tailored trousers. This category of clothing, to me, doesn’t get as much attention as others. Most of us are guilty of living in denim jeans throughout the colder seasons but this year trousers should definitely get a look in. Tailored trousers make your outfit look put together, you don’t have to look like you are off to work, team them with a tee or slouchy knit and pair them with trainers or loafers for a chilled-out look. Then simply opt for heels and a crisp shirt for the evening to look effortlessly dressed up. There are also lots of statement trousers out there this season with ruffled hems, vinyl materials and embroidered patterns; it’s a great way to add some fun and that’s why they’ve made it into my current fashion favourites.

    Little tip: If you think trousers are too cold to wear, look out for thicker fabrics, (I have seen lots on my venture into high street stores) and also you can put some thin tights underneath for extra warmth.

    2 Is definitely leopard print, if you haven’t gathered already from my recent style posts! I am currently crushing hard on this wild animal print of dreams and the high street is fit to burst with all types of leopard print. There’s printed tops, boots, handbags, leopard fur trimmed leather jackets, leopard pockets on coats, leopard print belts; you name it this print is everywhere. Leopard print is a great way of sassing up a plain outfit and I am obsessed with the combination of leopard print and the colour pink right now, that duo is just dreamy. Whats great about this particular animal print is that it is timeless, leopard is always in; it may not be so huge in the next few years but it is not a print that will ever completely go out.

    Little tip: If you feel a little to intimidated to rock a big leopard print coat this season then simply choose some accessories to introduce the trend into your outfit. Belts, bags, shoes or little leopard details on clothing will be a good place to start!

    3 is fishnet tights! I am digging this item of hosiery right now, its super 80s, super grunge and a fun piece to accessorise with. It is nice to pop on fishnets with some of your more feminine pieces to create a hybrid of innocent meets unorthodox and not to mention they keep your pins from getting too cold. I am wearing fishnets in today’s post and it takes the outfit from summer vibes to autumn vibes. I am obsessed with the whole styling touch of wearing fishnet tights under slightly cropped denim jeans so that you can see them coming out of the bottom; or also under ripped denim jeans so you can see the fishnet coming through the rips. These are a really cheap accessory, you can pick fishnet tights up from Primark for under £3 and if they get rips in, you can still get away with wearing them; adding even more grunge vibes.

    Little tip: Go for a smaller fishnet for a demure grunge feel or larger fishnet for the ultimate rebellious look.

    4 is something that keeps catching my eye and it is loop buckles or loop details. These details are sprinkled across the high street and I love it. I have seen bags with gold or silver metal loop handles, I have seen boots with oversized loop buckles on and I have seen loop waist belts on clothing. Again, this can look really 80s but also so elegant, expensive and chic on certain items. I am linking below pieces from each fashion favourite so you will be able to see what I mean and also shop them yourself!

    Little tip: Keep an eye out in Zara, Mango and Topshop for these details as that is where I have seen them the most!

    Lastly is Number 5 and I had to include this as a current fashion favourite; but of course it is the puffer jacket! It was overwhelming how many puffer jackets there are in stores right now. For me H&M, Topshop and Bershka have taken the lead in their designs but every shop had some form of the jacket on offer. You can get some hugely oversized puffers that look a bit like you are wearing a sleeping bag or there are cropped padded jackets for easier wear and then satin and velvet fabric puffers for a feminine take on the piece. I love this trend and cannot wait to invest in a couple.

    Little tip: Team your puffer jacket with tailored trousers and barely-there heels to make them suitable for evening use or go all-out-urban and wear wide leg jeans, a sweater and trainers for the daytime.

    What are your current fashion favourites?




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