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  • 5 Tips For Clashing Prints!


    Prints are absolutely huge this season; everywhere you turn there will be a bit if winter floral; a dash of oriental prints; a slathering of paisley print; of course the classic stripe and a hint of wild animal prints; along with a host of other amazing styles!

    So this season we are truly spoiled with printed clothing and have the perfect excuse to go full throttle with our trusty style statement, the Print Clash!

    So here is a little guide to create the ultimate mismatched print outfits!


    1.       Play It Safe Or Go All Out!

    First of all decide whether you want to be modest with your print clash and opt for simple complimentary colours or whether you want to turn heads with a completely contrasting getup! For the more demure look, go for neutral or muted tones to match (nude and peach) or throw in one bold colour (white and cobalt blue). Again for the more reserved print clash, choose prints that are not too busy and prints that are roughly the same in size! A useful tip is that stripes pair nicely with almost any other print, so look out for your stripes!

    The outfit styled in this post is quite a modest print clash, I opted for neutral tones (white and light beige) and I chose a paisley print to team with a winter floral (two medium sized prints).

    For those of you who dare to be different, go all out! Ditch the easy colours and go for a completely juxtaposed look! Pick out your oranges to match with your blues and your purples to pair with your silvers. Go crazy and clash a large leopard print top with your small dogtooth print trousers, why not! Another great tip for a loud print clash is teaming the same prints together, either in two different colours or two different sizes; for example a red checked shirt tucked into a blue checked skirt or a black and white checked coat in a large print paired with black and white checked trousers in a small print.  

    5-tips-for-clashing-prints-style-diary-charnelle-geraldine-uk-style-blogger-8     5-tips-for-clashing-prints-style-diary-charnelle-geraldine-uk-style-blogger     5-tips-for-clashing-prints-style-diary-charnelle-geraldine-uk-style-blogger-4

    2.       Use One Plain Piece In The Outfit

    So as not to look like too wild for an everyday outfit, make sure to include at least one plain piece of clothing in a singular colour. If you are clashing prints with your top and skirt then choose some plain shoes of one colour to wear them with. This helps to break up the look. If your coat and trousers are clashing prints then pick a plain top of a single colour to wear them with. The outfit in this post is teamed with white trainers to calm the look down.

    3.       Think About Your Silhouette

    Your choice of separates is paramount when choosing to wear a mismatched print outfit; it is not as simple as picking two prints and pairing them. The cuts of the clothing you are putting together are what makes the clashing prints work entirely. A tip for getting this right would be to make sure your outfit doesn’t look like one big patch worked ensemble. You need to clearly show the break between clothing. Make sure if you are tucking a top into a bottom that the tuck is loose to show they are separates. Go for tight on the bottom and more oversized on the top or vice versa. If you are wearing a jacket with a skirt, make sure the jacket ends clearly before or after the hem of the skirt, so that they are clearly two separates. With this in mind you can’t go too wrong but it is always good to experiment to see what works and what looks too crazy to step out in. The outfit in this post is oversized on top and more fitted on the bottom, meaning you can clearly see they separate.


    4.       Dig Out Old Clothes To Work With

    The good thing about print clashing is that it is a style statement that will never die. It may not be so loved for a year or too but it will never fully disappear. It is also good to bare in mind that prints often make their comebacks. Everyone owns some of the more classic prints; stripes, checks, polka dots, and these never get old which means you can dig out some old clothes to work with your current on-trend print faves. Dig out an old striped t-shirt to team with your new floral satin slip dress or your old checked shirt to pair with your new oriental print bomber jacket.


    5.       Don’t Think Too Hard About It

    Pick two items up, think briefly about the things suggested in this post, try them together, and see what you think. Mix and match until you get it right! Some of the best clashing prints are those that are completely random! If you are still too scared to take on this style, don’t fret! This can also be achieved through accessories, pick mismatched print bags, shoes, chokers, hats and scarves for a subtle take on the trend! 

    Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for creating an outfit with clashing prints this season. Do share some clashing outfits with me on twitter if you have any! (@charney1) I will be putting together a Print Clash Edit on my blog in the near future and also styling more bold mismatched print outfits soon. So make sure you are subscribed to my blog via email and social media accounts by clicking on the drop down menu icon at the top left of the page!



    Top available in-store at Zara but currently not online so I have linked an alternative!

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    Photography By Tia Gardiner



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