• Creating A Home

    Giving you a glimpse of the property we have purchased, ready to renovate!

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    Admiring the beautiful colours at this time of the year and taking inspiration

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  • A Little Update

    A little chat about a few things new for me in 2019.

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  • A Little Update

    Jumper: Paul Smith   |   Hat: Topshop   |   Jeans: Topshop   |   Bag: Radley London   |   Boots: Chloe


    Because we all love a little life update…

    This year has a few new things in store for me, and as a result the beginning of the year has been a very slow start in regards to my blog and social platforms. So here’s what’s been going on.


    A New Project

    My sister and I decided to start a new project called Styled Marketing; creative content marketing for business with a strong focus on creative video and social media.

    Video is one of the newest and most crucial strategies for successful marketing. How many of you will watch a video on your favourite online fashion retail store before deciding to make a purchase? Video is extremely strong in this new world where the average person spends a day a week online. And what easier way to push these videos than on social media, which the majority of us can say we spend a lot of our time scrolling through every day.

    So my sister who is a videographer and myself with a background in ecommerce and marketing have collaborated on this project on the side of our careers, where we work with clients to produce creative videos for marketing purposes. Follow our Instagram page @StyledMarketing, website coming soon!


    Buying A House

    This year my boyfriend and I will be getting our foot on the property ladder. We are currently at the stage of viewing properties so it is still early days; but it has meant that over the past 8 months I have been saving whatever I can to put towards the property.


    With this in mind I haven’t been buying many clothes and therefore blogging has been quite difficult! The clothes I have had have been presents for my birthday and Christmas, such as this amazing Paul Smith jumper I am wearing in this post or sales purchases which are no longer online for you guys to buy. Alongside this I made the conscious effort to have a more sustainable approach to fashion, so I am being much more selective with my purchases and only buying things that are good quality and timeless in style. So fashion for me is no longer fast. However I hope to be posting outfits regularly again soon, using clothes in numerous looks; and all items worth spending your money on!

    We are looking to develop the property we buy, so we are looking for somewhere that needs work but has a lot of potential to be a lovely home. So 2019 should involve a lot of renovation which leads me onto my next update.


    New For CharnelleGeraldine.com

    I really enjoy having this little space on the internet. I may not post on a weekly basis but I get good traffic to my site and I love to share my outfits with everyone on here. However I think the appeal of blogs being purely a space to share outfits is not as sought after as back in 2013. Blogs need to offer more. So this year I want my blog to transform into more of an all-rounded space for me to share lots of different things. I am going to open up a few more chapters on here. Fashion will always be the focus on my blog, which is why I have called this section ‘Fashion Foremost’ and this is the images I also post on my Instagram. However I have also added a new tab to my blog which is called ‘Creating A Home’ which is ready for when we buy a new house. I am going to document our renovation project on there as well as interior design and homeware posts; so that my blog has more variety and is an extension of my social channels. There are also more sections I want to add, which should come into play later on in the year!

    Leave me a comment below with anything you might want to see from me on this blog, as I would also love to hear your thoughts.


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