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  • A Nod To Neutrals

    Dress: Topshop

    Shirt: Topshop

    Boots: H&M

    As I gear up for autumn, when my shorts transition into trousers, blazers become more significant and boots are reached for more than sandals; there is one thing I will not be changing. Neutral separates! Usually in autumn/winter I start investing in blacks, greys, navys and richer colours but this year I am going to cling onto those beautiful neutral tones.

    You will have seen in my last post that I donned an amazing pair of cream Topshop jeans and I am for sure going to be adding to the palette with next season’s apparel. I have a stunning pre-loved, beige Jaeger blazer coming which I am dying to get hold of and style up.

    It is all about white, cream, tan and khaki tones in my wardrobe right now and I love it! Casual chic has been my go-to outfit vibe during this unpredictable, interseasonal period. Neutrals are perfect for pulling off these looks and almost give them a feminine, vintage feel as well.

    At the moment I am really into midi dresses which is a first for me. I love these strappy style dresses that fall loosely and below the knee. The style is very feminine and a great comfy, casual option for the cooling off of summer. What I love doing at the moment with neutral outfits is throwing in an aspect of layering, so in todays post I have added the unbuttoned, short sleeve poplin shirt.

    I love wearing this shirt in this manner, even over printed bodysuits when I wear them with jeans, it looks so, so good. A great way to add some more interest when wearing an all-neutral look is to add some luxe-style accessories. Really think about your textures, teaming fine textures to your look brings in that chic feel. I have on these satin finish boots and it instantly elevates the look of the outfit.

    Dress: Topshop | Shirt: Topshop | Boots: H&M

    During winter I will introduce lots of gold accents, satin materials, leather and maybe a bit of faux fur into my accessories and I am really loving juxtaposing these with more raw materials such as the unfinished look of the cream denim jeans in yesterdays post and maybe some distressed knitwear for example.

    Anyways, you will soon see an array of neutral outfits on my blog; but of course I will be simply mixing these in with my usual style. This outfit is so easy to throw together, super comfortable but also pretty chic and I hope to achieve that a lot this season!


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