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  • A Walk Through My Fall – Winter Wardrobe

    Coat | Zara

    Top | Primark

    Cardigan | Primark

    Trousers | H&M

    Bag | Rag London

    Shoes | H&M


    Now we all know how essential a good coat is for autumn winter here in the UK. Sometimes it is hard to nail a coat purchase which is practical and stylish at the same time; so each year I try and opt for two staple coats. The classic coat, and the trend piece.

    The Classic Coat. This winter I am on a mission to find the ultimate tailored coat; something slightly feminine in style but also very structured and formal. This style of coat I know I will be able to bring out of my wardrobe year on year so I don't mind spending slightly more on it. Tailored coats are one of the most classic and versatile outwear items to opt for, especially if like me you enjoy smarter outfits. 

    The Trend Piece. As you can see from this blog post, I have already ventured into my trend purchase with this mustard yellow fur jacket. My inspiration behind this trend item was the Chloe AW17 show, bringing in the elegant autumnal feel. Mustard is a trend colour for the season, but also something that will last longer in the 'fashionable' category than say a vinyl mac. Mustard ties in all of those monochrome and earthy autumn colours that are so safe for the colder season and fur coats never go out so I am happy to introduce this trend item into my aw wardrobe.


    Being a pretty fussy lady when it comes to tops; when you look inside of my wardrobe, every season it hosts a variety of smart shirts. I love pairing shirts with tailored trousers or jeans for winter, or layering them under cute dresses; however this season I am opting for some new, more feminine styles of tops as well. As you will have seen in my last post and this one, a certain blouse has made its way into my staples.

    Pussy Bow Blouses. This style of pussy bow blouse is my new obsession, with a simplistic, ultra-feminine and floaty design. I have now ordered the black version and cannot wait to get styling more of these blouses to subtly bring in that bohemian, 70s feel to my outfits this season. I am going to be selecting more blouses in general to add a feminine touch to tailored looks for fall to winter!

    Backless Details. Throughout summer I donned so many backless dresses and tops and I am keen to do this for the winter party season. Backless or drape back tops teamed with tailored trousers are my new thing and you guy will see more of this on the blog for sure!


    If you have been following my blog for a while, then you will know I really like dresses. There are numerous styles that I love, slip dresses; blazer dresses; romantic floaty dresses; they're all welcome in my wardrobe. However for autumn winter this year I have built a real love for some new styles.

    Pinafore Dresses. You guys know how much I adored Chloe for AW17 and this show immersed me with so much outfit inspiration. Pinafore dresses were a key feature of Chloe, with plunge V necklines and a 60's shift dress feels with the more mini length. These paired with pussy bow blouses. Yes, yes, yes! Give me more! I styled one in my last post [here] to get a feel for the look!

    60's/70's Details. This retro feel to dresses is something I have surprisingly become very fond of. I am adopting more styles that are very subtly influenced by these eras, giving closer attention the these details. I will be buying more shift dresses in a mini length, dresses with a slightly flared sleeve, pretty retro prints and structured collar dresses are appealing to me right now too!

    Coat: Zara | Top: Primark | Cardigan: Primark | Trousers: H&M | Bag: Rag London | Shoes: H&M


    For this season, I don't think there will be a great change to the bottoms I wear.

    Tailored Trousers. I love me a tailored trouser so these are going to continue to feature heavily in my outfits for a smarter feel. I am introducing a lot more neutral tones however, to freshen up looks.

    Denim. Jeans will forever remain a staple piece, and I have regained a loved for the skinny black jeans which I haven't worn for a couple of years now!

    Skirts. I love a good mini skirt and these for fall-winter have become quite trend-led. I am introducing lots more tweed skirts into my wardrobe for that Chanel-esque; sophisticated feel.


    You may be shocked but I never really get into this knitwear obsession. I am so fussy with knitwear that I never feel quite satisfied. However there are two new types of knitwear that have started to catch my eye this season.

    Stand-away collars. You are probably like, what on earth is that? I had to do some research into what to call it. If you, like me, love Chanel then you will recollect the stand-away collars used for Chanel AW17. That detail is what I admire in knitwear for this season. I just feel it adds a really tailored, structured look to knitwear making it easy for me to style. Don't worry I will be dedicating a full post on this very soon!

    The Grandad Knit. Yes I am referring back to Chloe AW17 again, but guys I have a deeply profound love for Chloe this season. Chloe featured lots of eccentric, rough knits in those slightly garish Grandad prints and oversized fits. This look is so out of my comfort zone, but styled with extremely clean, feminine outfits it is a match made in heaven. I love it!



    I fall in and out of love with jumpsuits, but I am feeling the relationship strengthening again now. Just like dresses I am looking to wear tailored, pinafore styles teamed with blouses and shirts like in [this post]. This one is from Zaful by the way guys and it's just fab! Such good quality, I could recommend more! I also want some for the party season in backless styles; but key for me is a nice wide leg.


    I will not make this post more lengthy than it needs to be, you guys have done well to get this far if you have! I just wanted to give you an overview of what to expect from charnellegeraldine.com for the new season!

    Bags. I have a selection of the classic black bags and plan on injecting some trend focused pieces into my outfits with my bag choices for fall to winter. You guessed it, I love the Chloe Pixie bag and there are some great dupes on the high street right now; so I will most definitely be getting my hands on some. Also I love tweed for this season, so lots of tweed, Chanel-esque bags are on my Wish List!

    Shoes. I am quite simple when it comes to footwear for the colder months. Black ankle boots play a key part in my wardrobe year on year. This year there are a few styles I will be buying into. I already have my khaki pointed sock boots which have become a firm staple in my wardrobe and I am feeling some more earthy tones; so I might buy some tan or deep brown ankle boots for the season. I am enjoying the look of over the knee boots, so expect some of those teamed with dresses and in contrast to that; I am really enjoying rebellious style boots teamed with feminine outfits; so I might jump on the bandwagon!

    Jewellery. Fine jewellery has been my go-to for everyday. Having those special pieces just lifts an outfit and gives you a luxe feel; and I am really loving mixed metals. I have a post coming soon on my favourite every day jewellery items; so you guys will get some inspiration soon on where to shop for autumn winter jewellery!



    If you guys want to keep up with my new in pieces, follow me on [Instagram] which is where I announce them first! I am being so much more selective with my fashion purchases now; as I spoke about [in my last post] so there will be less quantity of items featured on my blog in favour of better quality items that are thought out and styled in numerous outfits.

    Thanks guys! Let me know what things you are loving for Autumn Winter this year!




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