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  • Affordable Tailoring | Is It Ok To Scrimp? Or Should We Splurge?

    Shirt: New Look

    Trousers: New Look

    Heels: New Look


    Is it ok to scrimp on tailored outfits? Or is it better to spend a bit more?

    Well in todays post I am styling up New Look, which we all know to be a very affordable high street store. I have put together a feminine, tailored look which came to roughly £60 all together; and I must say it is a pretty lovely little outfit.

    When it comes to tailoring, for me, it is all about the cut, the material and the detail. I have become a real advocate for Next tailoring as for me it is mid-range in price for high street but it ticks all the boxes in that list. With more affordable high street brands such as New Look, you have to sacrifice a little. I mean you cant have it all; cheap pricing and amazing quality but what you can expect is good quality for the price.

    If you are looking for pieces which are timeless in style and key staple wardrobe items, then I think it is definitely better to invest a little more money and get that perfect fitting piece. Therefore in this outfit, personally I would like to invest some more money into the navy tailored trousers and opt for a more expensive brand.

    However when it comes to the shirt, with it being a more fun piece and a print which may not be so timeless, this is where I feel brands like New Look should really come into play. It is definitely ok to scrimp on certain garments and especially if they are trend-led like the brocade heels I have on.


    Spending more money on tailoring is more likely to get you chic silhouettes, materials of a higher calibre and enhanced details. I feel that areas to invest into mainly with tailoring would be your trousers and blazers; you can really feel the difference in quality with this items from lower range to top level high street stores. Saying that I was really impressed with the quality of these New Look trousers and if you have a lower budget and are looking for tailored trousers then I highly recommend them! The trousers have a really flattering, straight leg cut; great cropped fit and an airy fabric which would be perfect for the warmer months.

    Things like shirts, blouses and shorts, for me, are areas you can definitely scrimp on. It is easy to find well-fitting shirts on the high street these days at an affordable price. The shirt I have on today is really cute, the material is pretty lightweight and floaty; personally I prefer materials which are more structured, but this material is really comfortable to wear.

    I have always enjoyed New Look shoes, you can guarantee trend-led shoes at a great price. Again I like to spend more on footwear when I am looking for more classic styles, but for fun footwear like these beautiful brocade heels, affordable brands are the way to go.


    I am really enjoying the colour combo of Navy and light blue tones; I think it is the perfect palette for spring and really easy to wear for any skin tone. Navy is a great alternative to black and pale blues make a great substitute for white. My wardrobe is very heavy on white at the moment so it is nice to change it up a little. I am going to end this little series of trying out new brands and go back to some of my more regular stores as I have recently purchased some incredible pieces that I am dying to share! Check out my April Haul video where I talk more about the pieces I purchased from the new stores I tested!

    Photography by Tia Gardiner



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