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  • Big Hair, Peachy Makeup & Life Chit Chat!

    Lets shake up the style diaries a bit with a chatty, beauty post! If you kept up with this years Met Gala then you will definitely have seen American actress Zendaya rocking this incredible afrocentric hairstyle. She wore a soft, textured look, embracing a head full of frizz, donning this stunning Dolce and Gabbana dress which was equally as big and worthy of attention.

    It inspired me so much that I decided to tease out my curls in an effort to spice up my hair styles for spring summer. It’s so, so amazing to see more and more ethnic celebrities donning natural hair styles for big events and editorials; because natural hair is so diverse and beautiful; it needs to be seen!

    The rule for natural hair, I feel, is to let it do its own thing. Don’t restrict it. The bigger the better, the more unruly the better, the more unique the better.  Frizz to me isn’t something to ‘sort out,’ cover-up or hide; it is something you can style! I think it’s just another look you can rock! You just need to develop the look from ‘I haven’t bothered to do my hair’ to a styled up textured hair style. Key to this look is to have healthy hair, get your hair healthy and it will work with you rather than against you; and then the frizz will look soft and not brittle.

    For me, it is nice to have the option of wearing defined curls or styling out the inevitable frizz which comes quite easily for natural hair. For me, I will be wearing this look mainly on my holidays, to go with that beach babe vibe of minimal effort and exposed natural beauty. I will also tease out my curls during summer in the UK for garden parties, festivals, evening drinks; anywhere that I want to add a bit of pizazz to a look.

    To achieve this hair style, I left my hair until roughly day three after washing it (just so as not to waste the time I spent using product in my hair as this look will need to be washed out a day or two after). I took a wide tooth comb, and section by section combed through my curls until they were completely separated. The problem with frizzy hair-do’s is that they can look a little dry; so I just popped on my Coconut Oil by ORS onto my hand a worked it lightly through the hair. I styled it to my preferable side-parting and played with it until I was happy with the shape.

    It is so important to be comfortable in the skin and hair you’ve been given and it is important not to define your confidence by your appearance. Just like not being confident enough to walk to the shop because you have no makeup on. It took me a long while to love my natural hair; but I now see it as my favourite feature. My curls are big part of my identity, they are a visual representation of my heritage and ethnic group and I’m so proud of my curls for that reason as well as their aesthetics.

    To go with my super big hair, I decided to try out a new makeup look for spring. I am literally living for Pinterest right now. I have so many boards on spring summer styling and it is just the best app for me currently for getting inspiration and to get my creative ideas organised. Please do leave comments with links to your Pinterest accounts guys! I searched through Pinterest for some spring makeup inspo and was drawn in by Erdems SS17 catwalk beauty looks. They were all about the peachy orange tones on the eyes, lips and cheeks, with bushy eyebrows and a subtle glowy highlight to the skin. So this is the look I opted for.

    I used a peach blush, I think blushes are the best way to go for peach tone eyeshadow as they are easier to find; I also used it as a blush to match the eyes. On my cheekbones I used Tanya Burr’s cheek illuminator in shade Golden Girl and after applying my base make up I rubbed Tanya Burr’s face illuminator on my hands and patted it all over my face to give my skin a dewy finish. I applied my brow make up in an upwards method after brushing them upwards and then fixed them in place with Maybelline’s brow drama for that unruly, bushy look. Lastly on the lips I wore Loreal’s gold obsession lipstick in shade Nude Gold. I love this look and it will definitely be a go-to natural spring look for me.

    Also lets just talk about this top quickly. Topshop are really doing it for me at the moment, every time I look on there I find so many dreamy items to buy. This cute little blouse is a Topshop number and I am obsessed with it. Its in a broderie anglaise fabric which is super sweet and in a pale blue which is a hue that I seem to be drawn to! Its really wearable and will team with almost any other separate and colour, making it a good wardrobe staple for spring. Its a pretty timeless style so I feel it will stand the test of time and above all of that it is just a lovely top. I will be styling this properly on my blog soon as I have a cute outfit in mind for this piece but for now I am just teaming it simply with my Topshop Jamie jeans for a relaxed day-to-day look; letting the hair do all the talking!

    I am really enjoying spending time in my garden at the moment. I have spent snippets of afternoons in the garden with the family having little chit chats over a cup of coffee. It is so therapeutic and a good space to be reflective. Fashion and beauty and how you wear your hair are so minute in the grand scheme of things really; even though we can get caught up in it all. What really counts is maintaining good health, family, making memories, listening, laughing and living. Its good to find comfort in these things predominantly!



    1. 12th May 2017 / 21:26

      Loved this post! I currently have a love hate relationship with my hair as I’m currently in transition from relaxed to natural. I hardly ever wear my own hair out but this has inspired me to rock my hair even if it’s currently two textures lol xx my Pinterest in Tashpantz btw if you want to follow xx

      • charnellegardiner
        12th May 2017 / 22:33

        Thank you Tash! I feel you, I used to relax my hair and went through the transition process around four years ago now. Its so hard to know what to do with it when its two textures, I played around with so many styles and clipping bits everywhere ha; but defo rock it! I will give you a follow on Pinterest now! Thanks for commenting, you are a star xx

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