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    Giving you a glimpse of the property we have purchased, ready to renovate!

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  • Creating A Home

    I would like to introduce a new section to my blog, which has got me more excited about blogging again. This new section I have called Creating A Home, because last week myself and my boyfriend Lewis got the keys to our first property!

    We are both first time buyers who have been saving for the past year; and our intention for this first purchase is to renovate the whole property and sell it on for profit.

    It’s been a pretty smooth journey to be honest as we are both lucky to be in a good position for buying and doing up a home. My boyfriend is also a builder which is obviously a huge benefit in a task like this as he can do most of the work himself in his spare time.

    There is so much I could talk about on this subject of being first time buyers which I may touch on if anyone is interested but my intentions are very much to document our journey!

    At this point it is of course early days. What I can say is the feeling of buying a first home as a renovation project has been a little strange. It doesn’t offer the excitement of waiting for your keys, packing up your stuff and enjoying a fresh new-build that you can slot your life into seamlessly.

    However it does offer a different type of excitement, as we have this huge project in front of us and we can create something really lovely together and hopefully in the end get a good reward for our time and effort.

    ‘Creating A Home’ will very much be documenting all stages of our renovation from knocking down walls to the fluffing up of rooms at the end. I want to share building progress, interior design, furniture upcycling, homeware and gardening, to give some inspiration and some insight into our experience of it all; in case you are buying a home to do up for yourself, or to sell on like us!

    Our Property

    We had an offer accepted on a three bed semi-detached house in Essex. The property was built in 1959 and the lady who lived in the property before we got it, had lived there since it was built. Inside there is a lot of work to be done, it needs a real face-lift to bring it out of the sixties and into the age of the millennials.

    I went around and took ‘before’ shots so we could document the transformation, and as you can see everything needs a real update. The bathroom is extremely dated, the kitchen needs some real TLC and all of the other rooms need to be freed of their horrible textured wallpaper; and given a good lick of contemporary fresh paint. Everywhere needs new flooring, the garden is like a miniature jungle right now and the hallway needs new banisters to make it all feel a lot more homely.

    The biggest task with our project is going to be removing lots of our own personal tastes from the decisions we make, and really considering our target buyers when decorating and deciding the navigation and features of the home.

    We both have a very similar mind-set on what this will involve and excited to get to work on it all. The first task on our huge, and ever increasing to-do list is the upstairs bathroom; so I am currently spending my time on Pinterest to get lots of inspiration for that. Of course I will be documenting the progress of the room on here as soon as we have made a real stamp on that space.





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    1. 25th June 2019 / 17:05

      It really is amazing how what is state of the art and super modern can become so outdated so fast!

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