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  • Denim Pencil Skirt



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    Hi guys!

    I hope you are well! As you are reading this I am currently away on holiday with my best friend, getting lots of sun and probably one too many hangovers!

    I couldn’t not upload a post, so here is a new outfit! Today I am wearing this amazing denim pencil skirt which I actually picked up from Primark! I believe it was £10. I don’t usually go for pencil skirts as I am not sure about the shape on me, however I tried this skirt on as I am a huge denim obsessive, and I loved it! I think the distressed look was what sold it to me, and it is such a great light denim wash. It is a great new addition to my denim skirt collection.

    I am also wearing a vintage Christian Dior shirt, which I believe is a mens shirt. I always pick up mens shirts as I love the oversized, masculine look they give your outfits. I actually have a thing for shirts at the minute. I love wearing lightweight shirts, tucked into skirts or jeans, with the buttons open and a bralet underneath. I love that look.

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