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  • Ditching Mono For Colour

    If you have been following me since the re-establishment of my blog, you will know that I am an advocate for all things colour. Don’t get me wrong I was sucked in by that surge of monochromatic madness that overtook the world for a few years and is still very much present. However, I realised that actually, I feel most content when wearing a splash of colour.

    Monochrome outfits are amazing for that super sleek, super chic look; that ‘I am a sophisticated woman with her life in check’ type of vibe. I follow so many people on Instagram who do this look so well and get me all envious of their effortless style. However, I have just turned 25 and I am not afraid to admit that I still like to dress a bit quirky. Give me fun over unflappable any day.

    So todays look is all about that injection of colour. The people over at STYLEWE were kind enough as to send me this coat to style on my blog. I picked this out as it screamed ‘80s MJ’ at me, and I am all about that look. I teamed it with my failsafe denim pinafore dress, a black roll neck and some black patent boots.

    This season we are pretty spoiled with colourful pieces on the high street as the trends inch away from minimalism to embrace maximalism. The high street is crying out for more of everything. More colours, more detail, more prints, the lot. This is the perfect time to try out a bit of colour, so experiment with your style and introduce some new hues to your wardrobe.  


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