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  • Easy Impact Dressing

    Jumpsuit: ASOS

    Bag: Primark

    You guys, I have found my dream summer jumpsuit. It is not often that I pick up a jumpsuit to try on, and even more rare that I buy one. I feel like they are just a really hard piece to get right.

    I found this lovely little jumpsuit on ASOS however, and decided to give it a go. And it was love.

    If you have been following my social channels then you will know I have been a little addicted to backless items and anything neutral toned. I think that backless details really flatter my figure and give me a really hyper feminine look. I love anything classic, and to me having your back on show has a really classic, chic feel.

    After posting a couple of backless items on Instagram I had a few girls comment saying that they would love to wear backless pieces but can’t go without a bra. I completely understand that it is a difficult style and obviously this isn’t something I have to worry about too much having a smaller chest! However there are definitely jumpsuit styles out there to suit all body shapes. It really is worth trying a few different styles on in stores to see which cut looks the best on you.

    I am so into tailoring and especially linen tailoring for this summer and this jumpsuit definitely slots into that category and gets a big tick from me.

    Halternecks are very 90s-esque which can be off-putting for a lot of people but for this piece it just works because the silhouette of the jumpsuit is very straight up and down. If it was more fitted then I feel the jumpsuit would look less sophisticated.

    I think that is what I go for in jumpsuits, a really sophisticated or smart cut. Tailored jumpsuits are definitely a way to go if you are like me and do not want to invest too much into trends and stick to a more classic wardrobe. It is my personal preference to go for a more structured looking jumpsuit than one in a floaty fabric; I just feel it makes more of an impact and I love a bit of power dressing.

    Jumpsuit: ASOS | Bag: Primark

    Jumpsuits are great for easy impact dressing, whether that be for day-to-day or for a dressy occasion. Put on your staple jumpsuit, throw on a pair of shoes and it is as easy as that to get a killer look.

    For me ASOS own brand have been the front runner in the low to mid-price fashion category. There are so many gorgeous styles online right now; my top picks are at the bottom of this post. However if you are looking for a key, classic jumpsuit to see you through a few years and occasions, (as I know not many of us buy a huge array of jumpsuits) then I would also advise spending that bit more on them. This way you know the fit will be spot on all over and make you feel great. Think of places like Selected Femme, Reiss and Cos.


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    1. 11th July 2017 / 13:14

      Cross over jumpsuits are really good for bigger busts… just as long as they are not too low cut!

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