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  • Fashion Job Interview Tips

    Jumper | H&M

    Trousers | ASOS

    Boots | River Island

    Job interviews are always a scary prospect, but what about when you are going for a job in fashion where more than your qualifications and experience is taken into consideration?

    Now you guys may or may not know that I have a background in fashion. I did my years throughout studies, working in retail and then after university I bagged myself a job within a leading High Street company at their head office.

    I know when I got that call asking me to come in for an interview, I was so intimidated and would have loved for someone to share some tips with me about how to impress at an interview for a creative role. So I thought I would share some tips for any of you who are going to find yourself in this position!

    Interview Outfit

    This is something people are unsure about when going for an interview. Are you expected to dress smart, are you expected to dress cool, do you need to wear the brand that you are interviewing for?

    I feel like it sort of depends on the company you are interviewing with. If it is a high end designer brand then it is probably more suitable to dress smart and opt for tailored trousers, a cute blouse and some heels. However if you are going for a young, trend led, high street brand then definitely show your individuality. If you have a unique style, own it on your interview.  I definitely think if you show that you have a passion for style, no matter how conformative or non-standard it is then that is admirable to an interviewer, as of course they want someone who is passionate about fashion to work for them.

    The Visuals

    This is key to nailing an interview. An employer wants to know what you are all about and what better way to show off your skills than with some prior work. If you have previous work or imagery to put together into a portfolio, then definitely do it. You can take it in paper form and create some unique design in presentation or on an Ipad which looks really professional. If you haven’t had any relative industry experience yet and feel like you have nothing to put into a portfolio then you are wrong!

    Blogs are a great way to impress at an interview. It can be a bit daunting putting forward a style blog like mine in an interview with the fear of the interviewer seeing photos of you ‘posing,’ or if you have a more article based blog then having them read your personal writing can have the same effect too. However it is a valuable platform and one that shows employers that you truly enjoy fashion, you know your stuff and you are committed to your work. So get blogging guys, even if you post once a month about some new pieces you have bought, why you like them, how you style them and throw in some images!

    Show Some Charisma

    Every employer wants good spirits in their team, not someone who has a face like they have been slapped with a wet fish. Smile and show some enthusiasm! The fashion world is a cool place to be and full of fun creative people, show that having you on board as an employee will make a stamp on their team in a positive way!

    Know The Brands Consumer

    Every brand has a specific image of their customer. This is not in a literal way with hair colour and maiden name but almost all other aspects will be considered and put together to create a prototype of the brands main consumer. What age bracket do they cater for? What attitude does their customer have to shopping? What are their interests, their income and their expectations of the brand? If you can show your interviewer that you know the ‘Woman’ or ‘Man’ they aim to please and how what you will do if given the job can aid it, then you are on to a dream interview.

    Ask Questions?

    I feel like this is another subject that divides people when they go for interviews. Do you ask lots of questions and possibly come across as not knowing anything, or do you not ask questions and act as though you’ve got all the knowledge already? Personally, I think key to impressing in an interview for a fashion job is to ask lots of questions. As long as you are not asking ridiculous questions like, ‘What is on the lunch menu in the canteen, or questions you should know the answer to going for the job like, ‘what does a stylist do?’ if you are going for a stylist role; then ask away! Asking questions in an interview just shows that you are keen to know more and that you are truly interested in the role. No employer would turn their nose up at that! Just be careful not to lead the interview and to ask at appropriate times.

    I hope this helps! If anyone has any questions they would like to ask that I may not have covered then either leave it in the comments below, tweet me, or email me at charnellegeraldine@outlook.com!




    My style is not minimal, my style if not maximal; I am trying not to really put my style into a box when it comes to those categories and just dabble with both. In today’s post I updated minimal style, staying clear of the easy monochromatic looks and opted for some tonal dressing instead. I chose some neutral tones, with my stone coloured tailored trousers and my new beige bardot style jumper. I featured the trousers as a full suit in the post [here] but I am also enjoying mix and matching the pieces.

    Bardot knitwear is so perfect at the moment in the UK where the weather is teasing us with a bit of sunshine but it is still on the chilly side. The off the shoulder neckline is so flattering on all figures which makes it a wardrobe must have, I’ve enjoyed wearing this piece as it makes what is a casual piece look a bit more dressy. Tonal dressing is a great way to update your looks without buying new clothes. Just style things you already have with other items of similar tones and it creates a whole new look!   


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