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  • Filming A Documentary, My Summer Scent & Lessons In Lingerie

    Blouse | Zara

    Bra | Calvin Klein

    Adventurous Femininity.

    That is what is bottled up in my new perfume Chloe Nomade; a fresh smelling scent of floral notes with hints of sweet plum and intense woody undertones. This scent is beautiful and in my mind a really lovely summer perfume to recommend to you all.

    It makes me feel really pretty and sophisticated for summer.

    I think sophisticated and feminine are two words that I really am finding important for my style. I feel happiest when wearing feminine tailoring and pretty dresses and having a scent to match that for the new season all adds to the image I love most and makes me feel content and confident.

    I guess what has made me think more about these little feminine touches that positively enhance how I feel; is an experience I had last weekend with Fenwicks. I spend a lot of time collating clothes to wear outfits that I love and feel good in; but I realised I have neglected what I wear underneath; which is just as important. Especially to how we feel as women.


    I concentrate a lot on fashion, in fact my whole life really revolves around fashion, from work to leisure. Just this weekend we shot some footage for a fashion documentary my little sister is currently filming. We spent the day at Wivenhoe House in Essex, a beautiful Grade II listed house and documented my style. However what I have failed to remember is that good lingerie will also accentuate a good outfit.

    Featured were pretty white blouses, tailored playsuits and other style favourites of mine; set against the backdrop of the luxurious period interiors of the house.

    It also made the perfect setting for my new pretty lingerie sets that I am keen to tell you about now!


    Bra: Calvin Klein | Thong: Calvin Klein


    I don’t know about you but I have never really been that fussed about underwear and haven’t put much thought into bras and sizing to be honest.

    I have a smaller bust so to me; getting ‘the right bra’ has never been something I have thought of as important. I didn't think I needed much support so I have always bought any bra that looks ok in the cup; because I’ve never felt like I necessarily ‘needed’ to wear a bra. I’ve had the ‘that will do’ attitude with bra shopping quite frankly.

    Fenwicks kindly invited me to their Colchester store for a Bra Fitting, so I went along to see how I would measure up and little did I know that I was in the 80% statistic of women who were wearing the wrong size bra!

    I will be honest and tell you that prior to my fitting I have always worn a 32B cup and after talking with the lovely ladies in the lingerie department at Fenwicks, I walked out as a 28D. Now this still sounds so funny to me as I always think of a D cup as being really big; and I certainly don’t have a big bust!

    However I learnt a great deal in my short time with the Fenwicks team. The actual bra fitting was really lovely, I was asked what colours I wanted and I requested nude tones as I wear a lot of white clothing. So the lady bought me in a selection of nude coloured bras to try on in a couple of sizes.

    We went with Calvin Klein as I am really petite in size and the lady explained that Calvin Klein would be a good brand for me in that respect. So in future I now know they are the brand to go to; which I feel you just wouldn’t know as a customer bra shopping alone. They also informed me that CK comes up small in sizing which is another perk of talking with an expert; so really I would probably be a C cup in other brands.






    As soon as I put the correct bra on, I instantly felt the difference, everything felt held in nicely; it was quite funny actually as I felt kind of silly comparing it to the bra I walked in wearing.

    Fenwicks went through all of the things to look out for to make a decision on whether a bra is fitting you well, such as the middle of the bra needing to sit flat to your breastbone and other tips such as always wearing it on the most loose hook and handwashing them to keep the quality intact.

    I think what I got out of my bra fitting is realising that having nice lingerie really makes you feel a lot more feminine and that comfort is really key. Most women wear bras every day and it’s really important to both feel comfortable in them and to also feel pretty in your lingerie as well.

    I felt Wivenhoe house made the perfect setting to shoot the lingerie for this post, elegant, classic and understated to match my new pretty Calvin Klein sets.

    The service at Fenwicks is completely free and you should definitely take full advantage! I will probably ask for guidance every time I buy a new bra now to make sure it is the perfect fit; because it honestly makes such a difference! The little documentary will be posted on my blog in couple of months shot by Tia Asia Productions.






    Perfume: Chloe Nomade | Bra: Calvin Klein



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    1. 4th May 2018 / 22:39

      I am obsessed with lingerie. It’s challenging finding bras sometimes because I’m a 34G but I have a LOT of lacy, frilly underwear and I LOVE it.

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