How I Refresh My Wardrobe Regularly Without Spending A Fortune

Top: New Look

Trousers: Topshop

Shoes: Next

This was a topic I thought you guys might be interested in. How I manage to refresh my wardrobe regularly; and most importantly how I do it without spending an absolute fortune!?

Style blogging is predominantly centred around providing new outfit inspiration for an audience. It is good to feature clothes that people can take inspiration from but it is even better to feature clothes that people can actually shop there and then! This means that us bloggers really have to be on top of the game when it comes to fashion; being on the ball with the ‘new in’ section on all fashion websites we like. We have to ensure that the time between a certain product going live on a brand’s website to then being live on our personal blog in an outfit isn’t too long a period. After all, if a reader likes an outfit on my blog, I want them to be able to shop the product before it goes out of stock and actually get the size they desire.

I get that it must seem unrealistic to a lot of people to constantly shop for brand new clothes, especially for those who like fashion but are not obsessed by it like I must confess I am.

I don’t have a bulging bank balance to keep up with my never ending want of new in pieces. However there are a few things that I do in order to refresh my wardrobe and wear new outfits regularly. These are all things that you can also do if like me you don’t want to spend an absolute fortune but do want to update your wardrobe frequently.

Firstly and most importantly for me, is that I always sell my clothes as soon as I get slightly bored of them or haven’t worn them in say the past two or three months, if they are in season. There is no point in hanging onto old pieces if they are trend led especially, and you are bored of them. Get yourself some money back and whatever you make you can buy something new with it! I personally sell my clothes on Ebay, the royal mail now offer free parcel tracking on every proof of postage receipt so it makes it harder for buyers to lie about not receiving items now which is great.  

Sticking to the same topic, another thing I do from time to time is buy pre-loved items on Ebay and charity shops. When I shop on Ebay I look for more high-end, high street brands and I never spend more than £10 on an item. This takes a lot of trawling through ‘junk’ but it is so worth it and I actually have a Youtube video coming in a couple of weeks showing you some gems I have got from Ebay recently. You can subscribe [here] to see that when it goes live. Do this from time to time when you don’t want to spend a lot but do want to change up your wardrobe.

Another thing I do to refresh my clothes is to shop for staple fashion items a season ahead. This works so well for denim, I buy a lot of jeans in spring sales and any sales mid-summer. Obviously with denim being out of season in summer, the prices are low, no one is really buying them; and you can pick up some great, popular styles and put them away for when the appropriate season arrives.

Top: New Look | Trousers: Topshop | Shoes: Next

Something else that helps me to feel like I have an ever-changing wardrobe is to stagger my shopping. Instead of going on shopping sprees and picking up lots of items at once, I purchase a couple of items to keep me excited for a while, and then buy another couple so that it is more spread out and I spend less. With also selling old clothes regularly it can feel like I am simply exchanging items all of the time. Another trick is to buy from the same store each time I buy a couple of bits online; this way I save a bit on postage and of course you can wait for promotions to appear on websites. I never shop at Missguided or Boohoo unless there is a promotion on as they happen so regularly.  

To be honest, if you invest in some really good separates that are versatile and not too trend led; this will help you to feel like you have a regularly refreshed wardrobe. For instance the cream jeans I bought this week go with absolutely everything. I can wear any top in my wardrobe with them almost and so with one purchase I have given myself about 30 outfits at least that will all look different. The same cannot be said for a gingham bardot top for example, so shop wisely.

Lastly, I don’t rule out any brands online or on the high-street because there are always gems to be found. I hear a lot of people say ‘I wouldn’t ever shop here’ or ‘that place is so cheap and the quality is rubbish’. There are certain stores that yes, I have purchased from online and sent back my whole order numerous times. Or stores I walk into and have to sort through rails of clothes that look really questionable. However I will still look at these places as there are always gems from time to time. Cheap clothes don’t always mean bad quality and design. My favourite top from the whole of this summer cost me just £8.

I also must mention that I do get sent quite a lot of products to try out, review or feature on my blog which also helps with refreshing my wardrobe; and I feel very fortunate for everything I receive.

I really hope you liked this post and that it gave you some super-savvy spending tips. In this post I am wearing some black ribbed flare trousers which are a high-rise skinny legging style. These are really figure forming which is something I wouldn’t usually go for, but I really liked the way they looked with a shirt tucked in for a more relaxed alternative to tailored trousers. They are also so leg-lengthening which is super flattering. This look is really simple and perfect for these cooler days we are having here in the UK.

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend!


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