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  • How To Elevate Tailored Outfits For Spring

    Shorts: Oasis

    Shirt: Topshop

    Heels: Ego Shoes

    Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all having the best of bank holiday weekends!

    By now you will know that I am completely digging tailored outfits; with it now being my signature style. However I really feel there is a misconception that in order to wear tailoring you are falling into that mature, sophisticated, 30+, 'I've got my life together' bracket. Some of us still like to make the most of being young and being able to experiment with our style without too many heads turning!

    Well the two can actually go hand in hand you know; tailored outfits don't have to be boring, they can be youthful and fun as well! This spring I am definitely going to play with my tailoring and here are some ways you can elevate your tailored outfits too!

    The first way I plan on elevating my tailoring for spring is to play with my separates. It is important to have that capsule collection of separates, plain tailored trousers and shorts, plain shirts and blazers; but for spring start throwing in those fun pieces to add to the mix. In todays post I have opted for these oh so beautiful tropical print tailored shorts. How fabulous is that print! Instantly my outfit is elevated with that added interest, the bold print and colour lifts the outfit into spring and teamed with my normal plain shirt its super easy to inject into my every day wardrobe.

    Oasis are killing it at the moment when it comes to vibrant prints and feminine tailoring, they are definitely a brand to watch for fun, key separates. I have linked a few at the bottom of this post for you to shop!


    Another way to elevate spring tailoring is to diverge from your normal separates with one piece. What I mean is substituting one typical tailored separate in a look for something different. This could be jeans instead of tailored trousers, you could swap a shirt for a casual printed tee or even change up your blazer for a utility jacket for a look. Just taking out one tailored item in favour of something else, will elevate your style for spring but still keep your outfit smart.  


    Also think about your accessories. Statement accessories really elevate tailoring without much difficulty. This spring some of the best accessories to go for I feel are oversized earrings, printed bags, unusual sunglasses or stacked-up jewellery.


    Lastly, a key way to elevate your tailored outfits for spring is with on-trend footwear. Tailored outfits are so classic and timeless which is what makes them so easy to wear and great to invest into. However one way to freshen up your look is to throw on so really trend-led, statement shoes. In last weeks post I opted for some gorgeous red, super statement heels which were the star piece of the look; they really lifted what would have been an average smart outfit into that youthful, elevated styling.

    In todays outfit, because I went for such bold shorts I stuck to neutral coloured footwear but still kept that interest with a trend-led shoe. These heels are from Ego and they are so wearable for spring, to me they give a nod to the ballerina trend with that lace up detail and the white denim is a really fun touch.



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