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  • Interseasonal Ease


    Top: Topshop

    Jeans: Topshop

    Boots: H&M

    Glasses: Debenhams

    How confusing has it been lately, knowing what to buy and what to wear!?

    I am a real summer girl and love summer fashion so it is so sad to see the weather already dipping in what should be the hottest month of the year.

    Saying that, I am already loving shopping for the next season, and have already purchased my first jumper of the year. I know, crazy!

    I have been on the hunt for a few new in pieces that will see me through this transitional period and I have to say Topshop have been my saviour right now.

    For me, anything I purchase now needs to be something I can continue to wear in the colder months ahead, but I don’t want to be donning black jeans and a roll neck just yet!

    This is where these fabulous cream coloured jeans come into play. Topshop have some killer denim online right now with amazing cuts, colours and details. I have always been a big fan of Topshop denim and know that I can always pick up my usual size and it will fit me to a T.   

    These jeans offer me a lighter hue to wear with outfits and in fact, they are so easy to style with any top that they are super versatile. Think how amazing these will looks with a neutral toned chunky jumper tucked in. Yes!

    It just means that this autumn I don’t have to live in black or blue denim, I still get that minimal feel but my outfits will look a lot more light and fresh.

    I live in black leather ankle boots in the winter and they look splendid teamed together, but for the warmer days that currently still crop up, I can still wear these with cute strappy sandals as they are cropped.

    My style is very much feminine tailoring with a youthful feel and I love styling up some casual chic looks as well. Teaming what are essentially a casual pair of bottoms with a smarter top and a sleek pair of heeled boots, adds a more sophisticated feel to the outfit. I really love styling up denim for autumn/winter.


    Top: Topshop | Jeans: Topshop | Boots: H&M | Glasses: Debenhams

    I am really trying to think wisely about my current purchases and I know these jeans will be a staple for this year and next. I picked up this polka dot shirt, which by the way guys, I have built up a little obsession with polka dots. This style of print I feel is so feminine and classic, so I am happy to invest in some polka dots along with florals for the season ahead. I love the fit of this shirt and am really hoping Topshop brings out a long sleeved version for winter.

    My shoes are actually H&M but Topshop have an identical pair online also which I will link [here] and I love them so much! These shoes are my autumn alternative to black ankle boots they’re slightly unusual but super wearable; they literally go with everything! Remember the Next gold heeled sandals I featured in almost every post over summer, well these going to be the same for Autumn; highly recommend and they are really comfortable.


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