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  • This Happens To Every Blogger When Shooting Outfits For Their Blog!

    You may look at blogs and see all of these cool images of bloggers in their outfits looking pristine and glam, like they’ve stumbled across a photographer who has snapped them on their way to view the latest designer perfume launch. However as all bloggers will agree, the reality of taking blog photos against the expectation is very, very different!

    Whilst shooting the post I am sharing with you today, we were faced with so many obstacles and it led me to think about sharing the reality of shooting outfit photos for your blog; these things happen to every blogger when shooting. So I hope you enjoy it!

    First and foremost the most difficult and frustrating factor when shooting your outfits is the weather! There has been so many times when my sister and I have set out to shoot, only to be met by rain, or the sun that decides to peep out and go back in behind the clouds every 10 seconds; which ultimately causes a change in lighting throughout your photos. In this particular post the sun was doing just that and the winds were so strong causing my hair to cover my face, that we had to find a location that was both shaded from the sun and from the wind. Luckily we found the perfect spot after a ten minute walk.

    Now every blogger will totally relate to this, but the next thing we have to deal with when shooting outfits is the public. When shooting you have so many people staring at you, at first I really didn’t like it and would tell my sister to stop shooting. However now I am totally cool with it and just pretend they’re not there. Everyone is a little bit nosey whether they want to be or not and when you see something unusual, you just want to look. So I bare this in mind and carry on! In this post a group of young lads decided our little sectioned off area from the wind and sun would be a great place to hang about and eat their chips. They shouted a few random comments but my sister and I carried on until we had our shots. I wasn’t going to spend any more time location scouting ha!

    I have touched on this but another element would be lighting. You finally find a cool spot, the back ground is looking really good but the lighting just isn’t the one. So you spend a good ten minutes changing where you are standing or shooting from to perfect that lighting!

    Sometimes us bloggers will think of an outfit, put it on; look in the mirror, yes it looks really nice. Go out to shoot it, have a look at the first images and think ‘err that outfit doesn’t look as nice on camera’. Sometimes outfits we put on don’t shoot as well as we had hoped; resulting in an outfit change. Sometimes you should just roll with it though, carry on because many factors can cause this, so experiment with lighting and poses and you may be able to save it.

    This next point happens to me a lot. Those days when you are just having a bad hair day, you flick through the images on the camera and all you are looking at is your hair. It’s looking too flat; the wind has taken it too much, bits flicking out. You really loved the shot but your hair has to ruin it!

    Scouting for locations to shoot can be a pain for every blogger. If like myself you don’t like to repeat locations too much then finding your spot to shoot can be a little hard sometimes, big cities are easier. After a while every brick wall looks the same, every tree too and I can be guilty of trudging around for half an hour just looking for a good place to shoot.

    Shooting in the winter is a difficult task, especially when you are occupied with other things in your life. It gets dark a lot earlier meaning less time to shoot and the weather is less permitting; plus all bloggers will tell you how cold they get when shooting in the winter. If you want to show off your outfit without your coat on, you end up freezing! All to get these fab photos onto our beloved blogs.

    I shoot four outfits on one day which I am sure other bloggers do too; so that I have lots of looks ready to go.  So I have to keep changing my outfits. This can be such a pain when shooting because you have to keep going back to your base to change. I have been guilty of changing in the car in a car park or two or the public loos! You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, it’s not all glamorous!

    Posing is an obstacle every blogger overcomes; thinking of poses to switch it up from the norm, or ways to look natural like you didn’t know the camera was even there! Ha! In this blog shoot my sister and I were crying with laughter at some of the shots, where I am standing funny or look googly eyed, hair covering my face and these trousers were super funny to shoot. The material is so lightweight and floaty that the wind was making them all kinds of funny shapes. Such a fun piece to shoot though!

    Lastly something I think every blogger will have done when shooting is setting off to photograph, only to realise that you have forgotten to put the SD card in your camera or to charge your battery. Yep it’s annoying, but we learn from our mistakes!

    All in all, bloggers love what they do and all these factors are things we overcome to create the imagery we share on our blogs. I love shooting outfits to share with my readers and I thought it would be fun to let you into the truth of it all, a glimpse of behind the scenes. I may even make a post of some funny shots that of course didn’t make it onto the blog if anyone is interested!

    Please let me know if you’re a blogger and if there is anything I have missed out!




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