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  • Life Update And What I Hope To Do This Autumn Winter!

    Hi guys and welcome to the brand new design of my blog! I really hope you like the fresh update it has been given. You may notice that there are a few extra segments added, the Fashion Edit is now in full swing, I have branched out from ‘Hair’ posts to a shiny whole new Beauty section and there is also a photo diary where you can follow my life in pictures!

    I worked so hard on this baby because my last blog design was really restricting the type of content I could share. I’ve had so many ideas floating around in my head and I’ve not been able to type them up and publish them. So now you can now expect lots more fun and exciting content from me, with 4 posts a week and maybe the odd bonus one!

    With my new blog design being revealed, I think it is about time I gave you a little life update! The refurb of Charnelle Geraldine has also got me super motivated and thinking ahead. I felt the need to set myself some seasonal goals, things I would like to do this autumn winter season. A little bucket list you could say, and I am going to share them with you guys today.

    So firstly, an update on my life.

    Some of you may know that for the past 2 and a half years I have been working for a leading high-street brand within their photography studio as a Fashion Stylist. Based in West London, I would style products and models for their online website. Dreamy job! I had the most amazing time there and got to work with models and creative people every day. It truly was a brilliant company to work for. I have friends for life and also a whole lot more experience of the industry under my belt.

    I have recently left this position and ventured out into freelance work. I am essentially self-employed, with the aim of styling for different fashion companies and I am also designating lots of time to work on this blog which I actually started 3-4 years ago now! During that time I have deleted content and I have unfortunately had a huge gap where my time was taken up with focusing on my employment; but what hasn’t changed is my passion for writing and sharing outfits with you guys! I am so happy to be working hard on this and sharing content on Charnelle Geraldine once again!

    So this leads me onto the next part of this post. My goals for autumn winter!

    I have three categories for this.

    The first seasonal goal is to Immerse Myself In Creativity!

    I love being creative and am lucky in that both my career and hobbies are of deeply creative forms. Therefore I am setting myself the aim of:

    1. Styling test shoots at least once a month. I love styling and it is so much fun to satisfy your creative needs. I style both for work and for my blog, so styling for test shoots on models with complete creative freedom is amazing for my soul. Life sometimes takes over and these projects get brushed aside, so this season I am going to make test shoots my priority.
    2. Learn to use Photoshop. I know the very basics of photo editing and am dying to learn more so I can keep improving on the quality of my content. I love learning new things and so I feel this is the next project to take on and study! I will either take classes or sit on Youtube and teach myself! (Let me know if you know any good channels!)
    3. Create inspiring, fun content for my blog and channel. I have really honed in on my personal style, I love colour, I love prints, I love classic pieces and I love experimenting. I am going to fully embrace my fashion favourites, play with my style and create fun, inspiring outfits and cool content to be proud of! I want my blog to be a hub of inspiration where my readers can take something away from it each time they visit!

    My second seasonal goal is to Say Yes More!

    I tend to get sucked into my laptop and become a bit of a slave to the World Wide Web. I am going to start saying yes to more opportunities, events, dates with friends and also ideas. I have a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in so long, and people I should see more so I think it is important to make more time for them and have fun! I will also make a conscious effort to attend blog events and embrace ideas and tasks I may not usually think to do. It is about getting out there and embracing the real life part of this creative realm I am part of, and not just the online and social media side.


    My third and final season goal is to Get Some More Hobbies In My Life!

    This sort of ties in with my last point about living in the virtual world.

    1. I am going to up my fitness game, either at the gym or through running as I enjoy these means of exercise the most. I could even start a sport but I feel I would want a friend to do that with! Looking after your wellbeing is a must, I already eat pretty healthily but I could definitely get a bit more exercise, not just for fitness but also for the mind. Being active can stimulate the mind, help you focus, make you feel good and be more motivated; and all of those elements are welcome in my life. Ha!
    2. I will make time for reading. You may or may not know that I am an English Literature graduate so books are definitely a passion of mine. However since finishing my degree I haven’t really picked up many books. Probably because I had to read so many for my degree lol! However books are also amazing, you can learn so much from reading; you can improve your vocabulary, view things from new perspectives or simply become exported to a new world for a little while. I will try and make time to read one book a month and I will share them with you! (Any recommendations welcome!) I love Victorian novels: Fun Fact!
    3. If I can I will also try to travel. If not abroad for city breaks then at least to different cities and towns. Travelling is fun, you can learn so much and gain so much inspiration! I have a photo diary section now which is crying out for this type of content! (That’s my excuse!) Check out my last holiday photo diary [here].

    So there you have it, an autumn winter bucket list! Come spring I will have to have a look back and see if I managed do them! I hope this inspires you to set yourself some goals for the colder seasons. I would love to hear some of them!





    1. 17th October 2016 / 08:06

      Love your goals and absolutely ADORE your blog! I definitely want to put a lot more time and effort into my blog and it’s content, which can be hard with a full-time job but you’ve inspired me 🙂 xx

      • charnellegardiner
        17th October 2016 / 21:59

        Oh thank you so much! Yes juggling work and blogging is so tough. I am so pleased I have inspired you; thank you for popping by and commenting! xx

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