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  • Moving In With The Boyfriend, My First Magazine & Some Vintage Revival

    Top: Zara | Skirt: Topshop | Bag: Topshop | Shoes: River Island

    Hello, hello.

    It’s funny the feeling you get when you work really hard on something and then you get to see it in it’s final, complete form.

    My dad creates panels for vintage cars and I always think it must feel so satisfying for him to see the cars in their finished state and to know he created so much of it.

    Last week I got to have my own moment of satisfaction when I had the delivery of my first printed magazine! I moved into print marketing earlier in the year, which was a whole new arena for me.

    Although it is now classed as a more traditional medium, with EVERYTHING going digital; that feeling of having a printed piece of work is incomparable to posting on the online world.

    Don’t get me wrong, the internet is still my thing with this blog and social media which I still love doing; but to get the opportunity to work in print has been amazing!

    I am looking forward to building on my collection and have been re-inspired to get my own personal piece of printed work on the go!


    Top: Mango | Shorts: Mango| Bag: Mango | Shoes: Zara

    From one milestone to another, I moved in with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago! I feel like I have lots to talk about on my blog, and good job because I have a load of photo content backed up that needs some finishing touches of text!

    Yeah he asked me to move into his place and I felt it was a natural progression for us, so we have been enjoying settling into life together the last few weeks.

    So to end on something less sentimental, I have got back into vintage shopping! I went around some shops last weekend and found some real cute gems. I got tops for £1 - £3 each and it’s such a fun way to spruce up the wardrobe when you don’t want to spend much.

    Mixing vintage with contemporary pieces is something I like to do, but I haven’t done it in so, so long.

    It’s funny, wearing vintage on the blog is so nostalgic as that’s how it all started for me; when blogging was a new thing in like 2013. It was all D.I.Y and vintage.


    Currently living in white broderie anglais blouses, tailored shorts and denim skirts! I also picked up this rich orange satin top from Mango which is such a nice piece for holiday but thought I would wear it casually now too!





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