• Investing In Evening Wear And A Good Place To Start

    Making An Effort To Make An Effort & My New Self Portrait Jumpsuit

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  • September Vacations, Precious Friendships And Getting Back Into Books

    Chatting about late summer holidays and asking for your book recommendations!

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  • A Beautiful New Premium Handbag, And My Summer Skincare Detox

    Updating you on my new handbag which is seeing me through summer perfectly and a …

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  • 10 ASOS Summer Picks and A Good Nights Sleep!

    Giving my top picks from ASOS new in and a little chat about my new …

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  • On-The-Go Outfits I Have Worn Recently

    Welcome to a new style of post you can expect on my blog monthly. I wanted to share with you some on-the-go outfits I have worn recently; looks that wouldn't normally make it to my blog, but things that I have worn on the go. Off duty style you could say! I thought it would be a good insight into my casual, daily looks and be a fun addition to my normal style diaries! I will document more outfits in the future and photograph a little more of my days if possible; I hope you enjoy this style of post! 


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