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  • Personal Style Tick List: How To Know What To Buy When Shopping

    Do you ever get it where you go shopping and buy lots of new things, then a few days later think to yourself, why did I buy that? Or you go to wear your new top, to find that you have no idea how to wear it that day.

    I have done this a fair bit over the years. This is because I have picked up pieces that I really like the look of, however they don’t really fit into my personal style.

    It is about separating your appreciation of a cool fashion piece apart from a cool fashion piece that fits into your typical look. Don’t just buy things you like the look of.

    In order to combat making the wrong purchases when shopping I think it is important to really nail your personal style and keep this in mind when heading into shops. It’s a great idea to have a mini tick list in your mind when shopping so that you know you will definitely wear your new clothes; and not have them up on Ebay a few weeks later.

    Everybody has their own unique personal style. What things do you like in an outfit? What do you feel comfortable wearing day to day? What eras of clothing are your favourite? Who inspires your outfits the most? What colours and fits suit you? These are all things to consider when thinking about your personal style.

    My personal tick list goes a little something like this.

    • Something street with something pretty. If the outfit is too heavy in one of these categories I tend not to feel comfortable in it. I love sporty, urban pieces but I also like to look feminine so I feel most like ‘me’ when I mismatch the two styles. Street inspired clothing and classic, feminine pieces are always a good buy for me.
    • A splash of colour. I always feel most content wearing a bit of colour on at least one item of my clothes, so colourful purchases are totally ok to put through the till.
    • Denim. Denim is my hero piece, so if its denim it is definitely worth buying.
    • Prints. I love styling prints for extra interest in an outfit, so if I like the print then I am sure to use it often. Therefore this makes it into my tick list.
    • Vintage 80s 90s. These are my favourite eras of fashion, so if something I am buying is inspired or from these eras, I am going to love it and wear it.
    • Fun shoes & accessories. Anything unusual and quirky in the accessories department is always going to be a winner with me, so thumbs up to buying these.

    So when I am shopping I have to conside whether whatever I am buying fits into one of these categories. If it doesn’t then I have to think a bit harder about whether it is worth purchasing as I may be less likely to wear it as much.

    It is important to think hard about trends too. How long is this trend going to be about? How much do you really like it? You don’t want to splash out on micro trends that won’t be about for long if you cannot see yourself wearing it beyond the longevity of the trend. Maybe just pick up one or two pieces.

    Invest more in macro trends that will hang about a bit longer. When the 70s was a huge trend for a number of seasons I didn’t invest in it because it wasn’t my personal style and I knew that as soon as the trend was over, I wouldn’t be wearing any of it again. However I know that the 80s trend will boom soon and it’s a key trend for my personal style so I will happily invest in it; as I know I will wear it beyond the fad.  

    Price point is another thing for consideration. Match the price against how much you like and will wear the item. If it is part of that micro trend, don’t spend too much! If it is not particularly ‘on trend’ but it is a classic piece that fits into your personal style, then don’t feel too guilty about spending more. If the product falls under my tick list then I feel happy to hand over more money for it, but if it doesn’t then I will keep it cheap and cheerful.

    Lastly get to know your fits. It sometimes takes a while to discover what cuts of clothing suit your body shape the most. I know now 1. What fits suit me and also 2. What fits I find comfortable. Take the time to go into shops and try on different styles of jeans to discover which fits suit you the most, or which necklines on tops, or which style of dresses for evenings out. I know now when I go shopping which style of clothing not to pick up and which styles will always look good on me. Add these to your tick list!

    I hope this helps some of you to make a better decision on what pieces to buy for autumn!




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