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  • Stripping Things Back, Capturing Moments & The Prettiest Of Trousers

    Blouse | Zara

    Trousers | Topshop

    Bag |Topshop

    Sandals | River Island

    Earrings | Topshop


    I have been sat thinking for so long now about what to write for my next few posts, and I have quite frankly not been very enthused by the idea of writing for my blog.
    I feel blogs have lost their strength in the past couple of years and I think this is down to the trend of 'having to' write editorial style content; the type of thing we once used to g to the local shop and grab a magazine for!
    I have an English degree, so writing does come very naturally to me; however when content is so regurgitated online; I find myself losing the drive to write anything I am proud of publishing.
    Some bloggers create entertaining, magazine worthy content tirelessly every few days which should most definitely be applauded! I enjoy reading these blogs, but there is room for some diversity in content.
    I used to read blogs back when they were less refined and more DIY, and although it is amazing to see that transformation unfold as everyday people develop industry skills for themselves, it's also kind of made blogs lose their appeal in my mind.
    I think it is also why people skip blog writing now and class themselves as an online influencer; purely posting images on social media instead.
    Although just posting photos sounds so much easier, and a bit more edgy; I really love having my blog and I am eager to reach a middle ground when it comes to the content.
    Shooting this post was so much fun, we had the sun arrive finally and took full advantage of the day; shooting in our local park which is Castle Park in Colchester, Essex.
    That slight burst of sunshine did so much to lift me out of this blogging funk and I am raring to go again!
    I am going to strip things back a bit and go a bit old school with my blog from here on!

    Blouse: Zara  | Trousers: Topshop | Bag: Topshop | Sandals: River Island | Earrings: Topshop


    I said in a recent Instagram post how we should 'Capture Everything as One day we might jut appreciate the effort we made to store the memories'.
    I am going to have my camera in hand this summer to capture some cool photography for my blog posts and create more of a visual online diary! Like the good old days!
    How cool will it be to look back in few years and have weekly visual records of my life! So cool!
    You could say it is going to be a bit more lifestyle but still with a key focus on fashion, a bit of curl talk and a lot more room to get creative!
    I'm going to share where I have been, what I have been up to, what I have been thinking and of course what fashion items I am obsessing over.
    So make sure you visit here for a five minute round up of my week, some gossip and some fashion inspo!
    So yes, a little bit  about me at the moment, because I have been so absent as of recent.
    In a nutshell:
    1. I got a new job, yes a new, new job. Second job of the year; but I am here to stay in this position as I am really enjoying it! I basically work in a design studio for a jewellery wholesaler and take care of their print marketing. So that's been one big change for me.
    2. I got a boyfriend, so that's another reason I have been a little distracted you might say! He's lovely and making me very happy
    3. I have been having some social media detoxing. With all the changes going on, its been so nice to put social media on the backseat for a fair few weeks!
    4. I bought these ever so beautiful trousers from Topshop and I never knew a pastel green pair of trousers could have been so necessary for my wardrobe. I mean, cute right!
    5. I have also been wearing pretty, white linen blouses tirelessly for the past three months and the collection is expanding so much that I think by the end of summer my wardrobe will consist of 80% white linen blouses.
    6. I guess you'll have to catch up on the rest in my next post!


    1. 25th April 2018 / 09:04

      A lot of the reason I still blog is to have a record of what my little boy does. He changes so fast that I have already forgotten what he was like as a tiny baby… and he’s not even two yet!

    2. Charnelle
      16th August 2018 / 14:56

      That is super cute, its a lovely way to document life; and a keepsake to look back on over the years 🙂 xx

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