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  • Styling For British Summer

    Top: Topshop

    Skirt: Topshop

    Bag: Topshop

    Scarf: Topshop

    Shoes: Old River Island [Topshop Alt]


    I don’t think I need to mention that I am the biggest fan of tailored outfits, I go on about it all the time. My staple summer outfit is tailored shorts and a classic shirt for the everyday in the UK. You will also have seen pretty, romantic style dresses being worked in. However as of recent I have switched things up a bit and added a bit more sass to my British summer time look.

    I have no idea what has come over me as of recent but you will have noticed that a lot of floral prints have been creeping into my wardrobe. Floral print is probably one of the most classic and feminine of prints so I suppose it only makes sense that I adopt it into my style as I love classic, feminine tailoring. This season, what I love most about florals, is the direction they have taken on the high street. Florals this summer are more luxe in design, a little bit sassy in places and whimsical in others.

    So as I was saying before, I have been playing around with my style as of recent and taken on a new go-to look for the everyday here in the UK. Say hello to ruffled miniskirts as my new every day hero piece. This style of skirt is very popular right now and I have no idea why I have only just jumped on the bandwagon. Look how pretty this little Topshop number is that I have on in this post guys.

    When I wear tailored shorts, no matter what I will always look smartly dressed which is what I really enjoy. When I put on these ruffled miniskirts it gives me more of a fun, flirty option. Hand in hand, throughout the week, these go-to looks are killer!

    I went online on Topshop and saw this gorgeous ruffled mini skirt with the super sassy floral print and knew I had to have it. The cut of the skirt is so flattering with a tie waist and petite, delicate ruffles to the hem which nip up slightly at the front to give the piece a really fluid look.

    Here in the UK a lot of women shy away from big bold colours and maybe save them for holiday gear due to the unpredictable weather we have; and knowing that summer unfortunately doesn’t last very long for us. However you can definitely style looks for the British summer that have that element of colour to them without going bold!

    Top: Topshop | Skirt: Topshop | Bag: Topshop | Scarf: Topshop | Shoes: Old River Island [Topshop Alt]


    I think if you are a girl who wants to wear a bit of colour but also doesn’t want to wear a ‘colourful’ outfit then this is outfit is major inspiration for you. Look out for pieces such as this skirt that have that majority black or white base colour and just specks or splodges of a more bold hue. This helps give the illusion of wearing colour but it is also more subtle and therefore comfortable to wear and very fitting for summer here in the UK.

    I am so into the miniature polka dot print on the design as well, it really does help lift the piece from what would be just a black skirt. I feel like a real Senorita in this piece and it teams well with so many things making it a real summer staple for me. I have however worn it with another piece I am obsessed with. This beautiful frill sleeved summer shirt. Isn’t this just the best update on the classic shirt for summer!? Tailoring has taken a real feminine kick in this outfit. The sleeves sold it to me, the design of it and the crepe fabric means that the top moves so beautifully and adds that modern romantic vibe.

    I always look out for a good spin on tailored shirts, as shirts can be less comfortable to wear in warmer weather, and this was definitely a winner. Again if you are not into colour then white is a good option as it brightens your look.

    To finish my outfit I picked up this really cute little straw bucket bag with the adorable black pom-poms. I don’t need to tell you how trendy this style of bag is right now, and I really feel they are quintessential of traditional British style which I love. They give me British picnic/seaside feels and I love that! To spruce it up a bit and wear my bag a little differently to others I decided to pick up this pretty yellow satin scarf and tie it around the handle.

    I have seen lots of bloggers do this with their designer bags and thought it would work well with straw bags, I loved the extra bit of detail it gave my outfit. Again adding the colour to my accessory has helped me to wear colour but not look too colourful, my outfit is relatively monochrome but these elements of colour help detract from that.  Finished off with a red lip and some black leather mules I have to say this is one of my favourite outfits for this summer so far!

    I would totally throw on a blazer to complete this look for the evening. So there you have it, my take on styling for the British summer and I will without a doubt be showcasing more outfits like this in the near future alongside my normal signature looks. I hope you liked it!      


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