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  • Styling Modern Utility

    Top: ASOS

    Trousers: MANGO

    Bag: Topshop

    Boots: H&M

    Modern Utility is a trend I am looking to play with a lot for SS17. It sits hand in hand nicely with tailored looks, giving that beautiful juxtaposition between smart and practical.

    If you guys have been following me on Instagram then you will know that I have been praising one brand in particular a lot recently. This brand to me has just been my go to for unique and quality items. The brand of the moment for me has definitely got to be Mango.

    Mango was never really a favourite for me, having only purchased a few pieces from there in my life, but since they have had a stronger presence on ASOS and keep appearing on the new in section, their brand has started being in the forefront of my mind a lot recently when it comes to shopping.

    I purchased a printed T-shirt from there the other day which is ridiculously cool! You can see it plastered all over my Instagram. What makes Mango so appealing is that everything has that feminine feel to it, its fresh, it is classic but has slightly unusual aesthetics and a great price point.

    I enjoy wearing tailored looks a lot and with Mango, you know that when you select even one of their basic casual items that it is going to fit in nicely with a tailored wardrobe. It looks expensive, feels expensive and I just love the way their brand is going right now.

    Mango, I feel , is so understated which also gives it that exclusive feel, plus Mango shoes and bags are just goals! So if you are bored of sporting the same brands definitely pull up Mango.co.uk and also the Mango section on ASOS.


    In today’s post I am styling modern utility. These amazing trousers from Mango just scream modernist utility; giving me real Jil Sander vibes with the loosely structured silhouette, and that amazing khaki, tan palette. The utility trend is all about them looks based on the functional rather than the attractive, sported a lot through boiler suits and stiffened, hardwearing materials. The paper bag waist is something I can’t get enough of either, as it effortlessly finishes a look. I love taking on unusual silhouettes when it comes to fashion and dressing up masculine shapes. Mango is pulling out all the stops for this style of dressing and for the utility trend in general.

     I teamed these Mango trousers with an oversized, crisp white shirt from ASOS, which features really wide cuffs to the arms. I thought I would add to the masculine vibes by styling the collar up and a lot of the buttons undone, then I half tucked it in to show off the waist. Lastly I added some stiletto boots from H&M and my trusty Topshop bag to add a feminine touch.



    1. 17th March 2017 / 16:25

      Trousers are so buff, look fab on you! Ive never really shopped at Mango either, need to check it out. x


      • charnellegardiner
        14th April 2017 / 13:51

        Ah thanks babe, only just seen this. Mango is so on point right now 🙂 xx

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