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  • Ten Black Friday Hacks!

    It is heading towards that exciting time of the year again for all of us hardcore shoppers; yes Black Friday returns!

    I for one am happy this retail bonanza has hit the UK; you can get great bargains ready for Christmas, treat yourself to those seasonal essentials and have the thrill of trying to nab your most wanted items before anyone else.

    As Black Friday is a bit of a crazy race for those oh so cute shoes you have been eyeing up for months; here are Ten Black Friday Hacks for effective shopping this weekend!

    Get your knee pads and boxing gloves ready.

    (Haha, I’m totally kidding) But if you are heading into store, make sure you are dressed appropriately! Trainers and light clothing will be your saviour whilst dodging people and running around really warm shops.

    Make a list!

    Black Friday is all about making those conscientious purchases; don’t head into store without a plan and wondering what to buy. You want to make the most out of these savings. Make your list with priorities at the top and plan your day appropriately.


    Make sure you have done your research into the items you are thinking of buying. The last thing you want on Black Friday is to head into Currys without knowing which TV you want. Firstly everyone will be grabbing them left right and centre; secondly that tech guy that’s ‘here to help’ will not be there to help everyone; and thirdly it will make shopping very stressful. Do your research on whatever it is you are buying. If it is a fashion purchase, go into store before the sales hit and test what sizes you need and what colours you like, even if you are planning to purchase online.

    Sign up to emails!

    Get onto the mailing list of your favourite stores. As much as people do not like doing this, it will help you be the first to know when and what sales have hit. You may even get cheeky membership advantages, like early access to sales! It is also a very good idea to follow stores social media accounts too for Black Friday news!

    Watch out for sneaky sales.

    Those discounts sometimes creep up ahead of time. This is another reason it is good to follow store social media because Black Friday sales sometimes pop up days ahead of time and also afterwards through to cyber weekend. Amazon started 12 days ahead this year and on Friday Missguided did a whopping 50% off everything a week early! Also look out for things like River Island doing daily deals where you can get money off certain products each day in the lead up to Black Friday!

    Utilise your Wishlists and Shopping Carts.

    Make sure you have an online account with each store you are interested in. Start shopping online now and get picking pieces you want to purchase. Add them to your shopping carts and wishlists so that on the day, all you have to do is click ‘Buy Now’ and you save all of that time scrolling and missing out on goodies.

    Add payment details in advance.

    Log into your store accounts online, even download mobile store apps; then simply add in your card payment details. This will save you time; the time you could be sitting entering your details is valuable time you could be spending on the next store purchase!

    Check opening times.

    If you want to go all in with the Black Friday experience and hit the high street; then check store opening times. See what time your priority store is open and get there early to nab a bargain.

    Think about department stores.

    It’s a great idea to head to big department stores on Black Friday. Sometimes independent stores such as Apple will not participate in the event but you can always go to department stores to get the products. Department stores also seem to do the biggest discounts!

    Don’t worry!

    Don’t worry if you haven’t got the money for a big splurge this weekend. This time of the year is sale season, in just over a month we will be getting Boxing Day sales, followed by January sales. There will be numerous times to grab a bargain so don’t feel too stressed or disappointed on not getting involved in Black Friday this time round!

    My outfit in this post is all Topshop, except for the boots which are Primark. I couldn't find links online but I purchased all of these pieces a week ago! I will link them as soon as they appear online!

    Photography: Tia Gardiner



    1. 20th November 2016 / 21:05

      You’re really making me want to buy that skirt, I saw it online the other day and keep thinking about it. Black Friday makes me so nervous, I feel like I should put off ordering anything until then.


    2. charnellegardiner
      22nd November 2016 / 11:32

      Haha! Yes I would hold back and wait for the deals to drop at Topshop, then definitely buy it, its so nice!

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