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  • The Man-Repelling Coat | & Why We Should Dress For Ourselves

    Oh my god, my love of the Puffer will not die down. When are they going to stop flaunting dreamy oversized, padded goodness in front of my eyes!?

    Now, this coat is something that falls into that ‘man-repelling’ category. One of those fashion pieces that boyfriends and guys are just not going to understand. A piece that is going to turn heads, make a few faces scrunch up and a few eyebrows raise; but who cares!

    It does look a little bit like you are walking around in a sleeping bag or going for Missy Elliot vibes but I am all about that urban look and when teamed with more feminine pieces; the puffer can actually look pretty street-chic!

    Check out my Puffer Edit for more on this statement coat for AW16!

    Today’s post is all about brushing off those disapproving looks and rocking the outfits you love.

    AW16 is the season of fun, glitz, glamour and experimentation. You only had to look at Kenzo, Gucci and Shrimps collections for fall to see that this season is all about those mismatched designs, slightly outrageous combinations and quirky pieces. The Puffer is this season’s hero outerwear piece but I know a lot of people will find this an intimidating item to wear.

    What I say is, don’t worry what people think. If you want to wear something, then wear it! If it makes you feel good, then nothing else matters. If you want to walk around in your sleeping bag coat, then you do that my love! Haha!

    I think it is so important to dress for yourself and wear what you want to wear. Clothing is a way that we can all express our characters and preferences; if we hide that because we want to ‘fit-in’ then we are not being true to ourselves. Just be you and be confident in being you.  

    A lot of the time that girl who is staring at what you are wearing for longer than you feel comfortable with, is actually admiring your outfit rather than thinking you look silly. If she doesn’t like your outfit, that’s fine, she doesn’t have to wear it!

    If I am sitting on the tube in London and someone steps on in a ‘crazy’ outfit, I am guilty of staring. However I have to just look because I am in awe of their style and in awe of the fact they are rocking it and not giving a damn! It’s great!

    So yeah, some on-trend fashion pieces do come under that ‘man-repelling’ category. New trends that women love but your fella will hate! The Puffer could be a firm contender, that oversized look might just be too much for your man to handle. It is like culottes when they first hit the scene! I can only imagine how the pyjama trend has gone down! Women’s fashion may have over stepped the mark this year for many men, but us girls totally get it and that’s what counts. I’ve got you sister!

    Truth be told, on a serious note; you should dress for yourself and not to impress anyone. Unless you want to of course! So shake off negative feedback on your outfit choices and wear your ‘pyjama trousers’ or your ‘sleeping bag coat’ if you want to.  Just be you and be confident in being you.


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