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  • The Three Best Things I Learnt From My Mum

    [This post contains sponsored content with Argos]

    When we think of our mums, no matter what relationship you may have had; or how long you had on this earth your mum; I am sure that a lot of you can remember some phrases that they used to say, or continue to say to you. What sayings pop into your mind that your mum has said to you? You know, those small inscriptions of morals that they repeatedly said in order to instil values into your mind growing up.

    I can personally think of lots of messages of guidance my mum has taught me. I thought it would be great to share my favourite three and how they have been particularly rewarding growing up; and helped shape who I am today.

    I love my mum so much, she is such a charismatic character; full of energy, she has an infectious laugh and the biggest heart you could ever imagine. I made a joke last week with my mum, that she is like my personal Alexa; like the Amazon echo. My mum will literally absorb any information she hears from me, store it in her mind and then use it to remind me of things or support me with them in some way!

    I am incredibly lucky to have my mum, and I wish every person on earth had a good mother figure in their life, just like her. I’m sure most of you have someone you admire; whether it be a best friend, colleague, aunty, grandparent; someone who you value and who shows you love and support.

    So when Argos contacted me and invited me down to talk with their consultants about gifting my mum with some jewellery I was so pleased. I went down with mum to see their new jewellery refit in my local Braintree store and my mum was able to choose some items for herself. They had lots to choose from and consultants on hand to show the new lines and help her find what she was after.

    My mum, just like her bright personality; likes anything sparkly and eye-catching. So she picked out some gold, diamante hoops and studs which were spot on for her style. Seeing my mum so pleased with her choices, made my day and it reminded me of how important it is to give back and show your loved ones that you appreciate them!

    So yes, back to my favourite things that my mum has taught me growing up!

    The first life lesson that pops into my mind when I think of mum is, ‘Be a leader and not a follower’.’

    I think this was a phrase mum particularly chose while I was in school when you are faced with those years where you feel the need to fit in and be accepted by your peers. When in school it is so easy to be a sheep and follow others down routes which aren’t the best routes for you. In my teenage years I may have pushed aside mums advice sometimes, but I think it is all part and parcel of development. Sorry Mum! Failing at some values however, only strengthens your understanding of them eventually! (Well saved Charnelle!) Mum always taught me to be my own person and have my own mind; and I think this was some of the best advice!

    This saying has taught me to be individual and I am a very independent character. I have always taken my own route in life, and done things because I know they are right for me; and not because everyone else is doing it or not doing it. Being a leader, not in the literal sense of guiding others, but leading my own life has helped me to do things like; have the determination to get a first class degree, knowing when to turn down partying to work on projects for example. It enabled me to create my blog and not care about what others think of it because I know it is a passion and can support my direction in life. It has helped me make sense of difficult friendships, to realise that certain relationships are not positive and leave them rather than staying in the click just to be in a ‘click’. It also helped me decide to leave a job which I really liked a couple of years ago, which seemed absurd to a lot of people around me at the time; but which I knew deep down was going to be the best thing for my future.

    I guess this advice has helped me evaluate the outcomes of decisions before I make them which I think is such a good message and a thought process that will help me for the rest of my life.

    The second key bit of advice my mum gave me which I am thankful for is to always chase my dreams and not just settle for a life that isn’t how I imagined it.

    Growing up my mum (and my dad) have always made me believe that anything is achievable if I work hard enough to get it. I think this is the reason I have gone out and worked hard to get to where I am; that sense of encouragement and belief that I can achieve the dream has definitely motivated me throughout my life. If you are told something isn’t possible then you aren’t going to try and do it; but if you are told something is possible; you are more likely to try and achieve it. Even if you don’t succeed, you can be proud that you tried your hardest and spent the years feeling focused.

    When I have children I want them to also feel that the world is their oyster, because what is life without dreams? And what are dreams without the sense of them being attainable!? I always wanted to work in fashion, and although it is a particularly competitive industry; it was always a dream to achieve. My parents have always supported my goals, and now at 26 I have worked at the HQ of a leading high street fashion name and am now a Print and Digital Media Manager and have this fashion blog which is going from strength to strength.

    Even today, I have more goals I want to achieve; some more attainable than others and mum still encourages me to chase my dreams. Her advice plays a huge part in all of my achievements and I am so lucky that she has taught me to create the best life for myself.

    And lastly, Mum has always taught me to love what I have naturally been given and to wear what I want to wear. I have always been very slim, people have always called me ‘skinny’ and I have always had really ‘skinny legs’, not much of a bust, fairly petite in size etc. I have my big curls which made me ‘different’ growing up; but mum has always taught me to feel comfortable with what I have been given. This advice I think is so valuable, especially in today’s world with the rise of social media. She showed me it is good to be unique in whatever form and this transcends into fashion!

    My mum, as you can see, has such a cool sense of style. She’s not like most mums, she’s a cool mum. (Hopefully you got that reference ha!) She knows what she likes, and she will wear it without caring what anyone thinks. Mum is particularly fond of bright colours, anything that sparkles and leopard print, which to the average person are quite statement looks; but mum rocks them and they add so much to her bubbly character. I think mum has had a big influence on my love of fashion and feeling confident in my style. However, Mum that means I can blame you for spending all of my money on clothes too lol!

    Meeting the Argos team and seeing my mum confident in her choice of sparkly earrings only reminded me of how she taught me to be myself, no matter what!

    I would love to know what things your mum taught you growing up, or little phrases that stick in your mind! How has she helped you make some of your decisions today!?

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    1. 18th March 2018 / 20:44

      Oh dear, this is probably the cutest mom post ever! I just turned over to my mom and just gave her a hug 🙂 I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday evening <3
      xx, Carmen – http://carmitive.com

    2. 18th March 2018 / 20:45

      btw, just followed you on Bloglovin’! <3

    3. 19th March 2018 / 12:30

      You and your mum are adorable. I think unfortunately a lot of what my mum taught me was fairly negative, especially around my own body. However she did encourage me to have an inquiring mind and always to find out more and want to know things. People often seem astounded by my general knowledge and that all comes from my mum wanting to look things up in books (I am old enough to pre-date the internet) and share them. She also told me never to become financially dependent on a man. That was very good advice.

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