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  • Tips For Better Fashion Blog Photos

    So if you have clicked through to this post, it is because either one, you like this outfit (thank you very much); or two because you want some tips on how to take better photos for your fashion blog.

    Instead of going into the technical side of photography, shooting on manual and my camera kit etc, (I can totally do this if anyone would like to) I thought I would talk about the aesthetic side. How to make your fashion blog photos more interesting!

    It is all well and good knowing how to get your apertures and shutter speeds right, your focusing and your white balance etc. but without considering those visual touches, your photos will lack appeal.

    Now I am lucky enough to have my little sister on board, who can take good imagery for me and who has a great artistic eye. However we work as a good little team, I throw ideas at her and she puts them into place and vice versa; ending in better blog photos.

    If you have a designated photographer for your blog, whether amateur or professional, or you take your own blog photos even; you can take control of these visual aspects. Even if your images are not the best technically, having a more appealing setup can save them!

    There a number of different things my sister and I each consider when taking blog photos and I thought I would share them with you!    


    Picking the backdrop for your images is super important. Think about the branding of your fashion blog and your personal style of outfits; and match them to your setting accordingly. I very much want my blog to be relatable and have an everyday, urban sort of vibe; so I tend to pick places that are your typical looking residential streets and buildings; and then I keep an eye out for those cool extra details. For instance in todays post the lighting was quite dark so the use of the traffic lights was really cool; and the white architecture and autumnal trees made for better blog photos.

    Use Of light

    Analyse or forecast the lighting for the day of your shoot. Lighting is your ultimate source of interest for better blog photos. You can play with shadows from branches, go all out bright for clean and crisp photos, or even play with sun flares like we did in this post. I also like the way the sun is lighting me from behind giving my hair a beautiful glow. When you have picked your setting, have a look at the lighting options and move yourself around, testing the lighting until you find something you are happy with!


    Positioning of the subject in a photo is a key thing to think about. The subject in fashion blogs like mine will of course be you! Therefore think about where you want yourself to be situated in the photo. This will be down to the photographer who is shooting of course but give them some direction as to what you want. Being in the centre of the frame for all shots is pretty standard and makes for a repetitive looking post. In this post I am slightly off centre for each which makes it a little more interesting; in past posts I have position myself completely to one side for better blog photos. [see here]


    Angles make so much difference with imagery. Again this will be entirely down to the photographer, unless you take your own on a tripod. If so turn your camera slightly to each side for some shots and raise it to different levels to get some different looking shots. If you have a photographer this can be really explored. My sister will shoot photos at slight angles for added interest and in past posts she has lowered herself to the ground to shoot upwards at me which has a great effect and makes my blog photos much better. [see here] You can also get them to stand on something higher to shoot downwards which also looks cool.


    Crops are vital for aesthetic images. As a style blogger you want a good few full length images to show off your outfits, but don’t forget to add in those cropped in photos too. When scrolling down blog posts it is a lot more interesting to see different crops so that it doesn’t look so repetitive. Try some full length mixed in with some mid length and also some super cropped in photos. When I shoot photos with my sister, I ask her what crop she is doing and then make sure that my clothes look the best for that crop. For example if I have a jacket and a top on and she is cropping in, then I will open the jacket slightly so you can get a good look at the top I have on.


    This is an aspect I am trying out more and more on my blog. Change things up a bit for better blog photos. Pick two backgrounds instead of one, to achieve this I shoot in two spots from the same area so that the backgrounds still link together. In today’s post I have two different looking backgrounds but they are from the same spot, so they link. Think about yourself as a subject and how big you are in the frame. Play with how far away you are standing from the photographer. Fit the frame and then also fill or get lost in the frame too, today I have a shot where I am really far away, which adds some interest to the post.  


    Playing with poses can be quite hard but it is definitely something you get the swing of as you go along. Look through images mid shooting and see the poses you like and don’t like; which ones show off your clothes best and which poses look ‘comfortable’. I like my posing to be as natural as possible, so we try things out like walking, or just simply doing things I might do if I am alone and there isn’t a camera pointing at me. (ie. Fiddling with my hair) I try to do quite a few where I am not looking at the camera to make this more convincing. You might like your photos to look more pose orientated for a more glam vibe? Just see what again fits your blog branding best to get better photos.


    Of course, the best way to get damn good photos is by editing them effectively. I am such a beginner at this and am trying to teach myself as I go along. I personally don’t want my blog to look too airbrushed or unrealistic so as to keep that relatable vibe; however I do tweak the images to enhance them. Try get your hands on a photo editing programme and get yourself on Youtube tutorials if you are unsure how to edit. The basic things to learn would be, getting your levels right, brightness and contrast, curves, spot healing tools; learn the dodge and burn tool and also the clone tool is pretty useful. I am nowhere near educated in the world of editing but as long as you know the basics you can definitely make your imagery a lot nicer.


    I hope this help guys! I also hope you liked my outfit, I went for my love of street meets chic vibes; pretty juxtaposed with urban. I have on pink plissé pleated trousers and this disobedient printed tee with extra-long sleeves; teamed with some pink barely there heels. The blush pink teamed with the cobalt blue was a weird combination but I think it worked so well! Let me know what you think and also share any tips you have for taking better fashion blog photos!



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