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  • Turning 26 | & My New Relationship With Fashion

    Jacket: Zara

    Jumpsuit: Zaful

    Heels: Missguided [alt]

    Guys today I turned 26! Its my birthday! I am not sure how I feel about it to be honest, but what I do know is that I am determined to make the rest of my twenties some of the best; by achieving some personal goals and of course having lots of fun.

    I'm not going to turn this into a reflective post but rather swing it round to fashion; as this blog is always going to be about style first and foremost. I wanted to talk more about how during my 25th year, I managed to change my shopping habits and how it has made me much more content with my wardrobe.

    However before that, let's talk about the outfit I am wearing in today's post. As a follow up from my last blog post where I replicated a look from Chloe AW17 ready-to-wear; I have given you guys another Chloe inspired outfit! This outfit is reminiscent of a few favourite Chloe looks of mine to come down the catwalk for fall-winter 2017. I pulled three key items from the show, a mustard fur coat; a pussy bow blouse and a black jumpsuit. Chloe actually featured a playsuit but a jumpsuit of the same style felt more season appropriate for me!

    This jumpsuit is from Zaful and I have to quickly mention that this jumpsuit is such amazing quality, it was such a surprise to me after being slightly sceptical about the site. I would have happily paid £40 to £50 for this piece and it has become a hero item in my autumn winter wardrobe for daytime and evening. I highly recommend it!


    So that is my outfit and now for the low-down on how my spending habits have altered as of recent!

    Up until roughly this time last year I was definitely one of those people who would dive head first into the latest trends, trying to be one of the first to tackle the more daring styles and be more experimental with my outfits. However slowly over the past year, my style has definitely become more refined and clothes are staying in my wardrobe for a longer duration.

    I realised that my personal style was strongly leaning towards the more tailored feel, but I also liked to remain super feminine; so now I have kept this as the core thing to think about when I buy clothing. Is this item feminine and tailored? If yes then the item gets the green light; if not then I really need to think about it more.

    Jacket: Zara | Jumpsuit: Zaful | Heels: Missguided [alt]

    Over the past year my relationship with fashion has changed so much. I have been more conscious of fashion as an impulse thing; and avoided being sucked into those beautiful advertisements; that make you think you have to have everything!

    For me, fast fashion has become far less appealing. At the age of 26 I know my style has matured and my sense of what I like has become more established. 

    Over the past year my thought process behind spending has been more about getting those quality items rather than getting in a high quantity of new items. Even more so in the last three months, I have stopped buying so much and started thinking more.

    Don't get me wrong I am still going to buy into trends, I mean, I still want to be keeping on top of what's 'hot' and what's 'not'.

    However, I have really began considering which designers I love the most each season and incorporating parts of their brand story into my outfits; where they are fitting. I am picking out a few key items and having fun with working them into lots of outfits I already own. 

    Therefore there will be less quantity of items featured on my blog in favour of better quality items that are thought out and styled in numerous outfits. At the age of 26 I am now creating a more refined wardrobe, that reflects me perfectly. CharnelleGeraldine.com will be having a new chapter in this year of my life; focusing in depth on fewer fashion pieces so that they get the recognition they deserve; and fast fashion will be less prominent. 

    My next post is going to be a walk through my fall to winter wardrobe, where I will explain how I am curating my outfits for this season; from outerwear choices to bag updates. So check back to see that, if you are not already then definitely follow me on Instagram where I announce all of my new posts!



    1. 8th November 2017 / 21:46

      Happy Birthday! I really like the outfit in this post and I can definitely notice how much your style has changed but I think it’s great. I’ve been loving your outfits lately, they’re giving me lots of inspiration 🙂

      • charnellegardiner
        12th November 2017 / 11:48

        Hi Gemm, Aw thank you so much for your birthday wishes! I am so pleased you are enjoying my outfits, that makes me so happy! Really appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog 🙂 xxx

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