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  • What Happened When I Said Yes To Everything This Year!

    Top | Zara

    Jeans | Topshop

    Bag | Topshop

    Glasses | Topshop

    Is it a good thing to say Yes to all opportunities that come your way? 7

    All social commitments? All events and jobs?


    One might say that you are asking for trouble, a recipe for disaster as you burn yourself out trying to juggle it all. Not to mention the overwhelming sense of fear having to consistently say Yes to things that are out of your comfort zone!

    However others say that you should say Yes to every opportunity that presents itself if you want to get somewhere in life and achieve your dreams!

    Saying Yes to everything this year was a challenge I set myself back in January as we welcomed in 2018. I felt the need to push myself and throw away a few bad habits/ inhibitions that I feel have held me back slightly life over the years.

    I, like many others have always quite liked staying within my comfort zone. That little box that feels safe and that space where you don’t pull the strings of your anxieties. However the longer you stay within that box, the harder it is to step out of it.

    So with that in mind I have literally said Yes to every opportunity that has presented itself in 2018 so far to really exert myself both mentally and physically; and wanted to give you an update on my experience! For me, this has been such a game changer and I am already reaping the rewards from having such a focused attitude and busy schedule.

    So there have been five significant things that have happened in the two months of this challenge that I want to talk about.

    So let’s start off with something exciting! This year I have had a few brilliant opportunities come my way for modelling. Now I know that I take photos all of the time for my blog but again I am in my comfort zone shooting with my little sister, so I guess it’s a little easier. However this year I have had a few enquiries into modelling for hair brands and of course with my challenge underway I have accepted them.

    This month I have been to castings and had mini shoots within studios to test how I am in front of the camera and I really done myself proud with my confidence. Situations like this can be a little daunting but it’s funny how switching to the mentality of, “I have to do this” makes you mentally get yourself into the zone. It’s kind of like a survival mode you go into.

    I have come to realise in the past months that if you go into a task thinking ‘I’m not sure if I can do it” this attitude provokes nerves and can stop you from achieving what you want. So I feel self-confidence is the first positive I have got from saying Yes to opportunities; proving to myself that I am capable. Also the feeling of accomplishment having made yourself step out of your comfort zone is the second positive I have gained. That feeling of being really proud of yourself and feeling like you can take on the world!

    The second thing I have made an effort to say Yes to is all social commitments with friends. Sometimes it is far too easy to feel tired and not make arrangements, or not be bothered to get in contact with pals. However I have both reached out more to friends and said Yes every time I have been asked to do something.

    Obviously this is the extreme and it is perfectly fine to turn down some commitments if you need a bit of down time but just to really embrace the challenge I have accepted all invitations.

    In February I got to have a lovely reunion with my Uni friends who I hadn’t seen in about four years which is something I was very saddened about. I went on a four hour road trip down to Southampton to see my friends and it was literally the best! Friends are super important and I am happy that I am now regularly seeing all of my besties.


    Top: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Bag: Topshop | Glasses: Topshop

    Another area I have said Yes to is the Gym. Now I don’t really mind going to the gym and my little sister goes to the gym all of the time. However I find it all too easy to turn down the invitations she gives me to go with her every week. This year so far I have made the effort to say Yes and have been going fairly regularly every week.

    I am really enjoying getting into the swing of health and fitness, both physically and mentally and this is definitely a great positive to have come out from saying Yes to everything this year.

    Another exciting thing I have accepted as a challenge this year, and something out my comfort zone once again was to appear live on a radio show. My friend Burju Shen is going into radio presenting and she asked to interview me on her show. This is something that if I was asked last year I can tell you I would have been so nervous for.

    However having had a couple of months of pushing myself, that feeling of anxiety has really been eradicated and I was actually really excited for it. Don’t get me wrong I was worried about messing up, but once again we just got on with it and had the best time! It really showed me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it; and actually something I thought would be my worst nightmare; turned out to be so much fun!

    (You can listen here)


    Glasses: Topshop | Watch: Harvey James Watches | Nude Bracelet and Rings: LesGeorgettes by Altesse | Signature Ring: Pandora

    Another thing I want to mention is dating. I said in my first post of the year that I wanted to get back into dating; and I can report that I have. This has been pretty successful so far too, but more on that maybe another time haha! Early days, early days!

    However what I will say is that beforehand I would not really bother to meet too many people for dates as it can be quite a tiring process when you meet the wrong type of guy so many times. Yet if you make yourself do it, you will be more likely to come across the right guy soon enough. The positive I have experienced from this is the feeling of perseverance and not letting bad experiences deter me from saying Yes the next time.

    One last positive I want to brush upon is how saying Yes to everything has given me such a busy lifestyle. I have realised that I function a lot better as a person when I have a busy schedule. Being occupied keeps me motivated, focused and happy; so saying Yes to more and getting more dates in that diary is definitely something I am enjoying!

    I am most definitely going to continue with this attitude moving forward and see it less as a challenge but more of a new attitude to life. I have lots of goals for the year and I think saying Yes to all opportunities is only going to help me reach them. I would 100% recommend giving it a go yourself!

    And if you do, please tell me how you get on!


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    1. 23rd February 2018 / 14:52

      I went through several phases of doing this when I was younger and always had a lot of fun with it. It’s less practical now I have a small child, but trying new things is always fun!

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