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  • What I Wore In Ibiza

    Swimsuit: H&M | Earrings: H&M

    This rather large blog post today is to show you guys some of the outfits I wore on my recent holiday to Ibiza. I created a little capsule wardrobe for Ibiza taking on the amazing modern nomad trend which has taken over the high street this summer. I mixed in two takes on the trend and really loved the looks I put together so I hope you do too!

    Now this modern wayfarer trend takes references from all over the globe, pulling together different traditional, cultural prints; rustic materials and ornate details to create really exotic and luxe looking outfits. I feel it is the perfect trend to celebrate travelling! This trend can be adapted to wear more relaxed and bohemian in the daytime and you can go all out exotic for the evening which is what I touched on in these looks.

    Playsuit: H&M | Earrings: H&M | Sunglasses: Debenhams | Shoes: Primark

    Dress: Missguided | Earrings: Primark | Shoes: Primark

    Key to wearing this trend would be to mix up your fabrics, textures and prints.

    Look out for linen fabrics and woven accessories, these are perfect for pulling off that nomad vibe; try picking up loose linen shirts and trousers, or linen sun dresses and some pretty woven basket bags or espadrilles. Other key fabrics to try would be silk blouses, leather sandals and crepe materials.  

    Mix into your wardrobe a few ethnic prints from traditional Chinese porcelain prints, Iranian paisley prints to Moroccan tile prints, try out some wide leg trousers and maxi dresses which are great pieces to pick up in from the high street in these exotic prints.

    Also perfect for this trend are heavily embellished accessories from bags to shoes; and lots of gold tones accessories to bring in that luxe feel.

    Playsuit: Missguided | Earrings: H&M

    Bikini: H&M | Shirt: ASOS | Shoes: Primark

    For the more raw, bohemian side of the trend I featured the classic black swimsuit with the raw rope detail, the loose cream printed dress and cotton blouse with the gathered sleeves. I felt like a real island girl complete with my untamed hair, low maintenance makeup and bronzed skin. I mixed in rustic accessories such as the ethnic printed beach bag as well as really lavish accessories like the statement earrings and beaded sandals. Juxtaposing the rough with the fine is what I really opted for on this holiday.  

    Dress: H&M | Bag | Primark

    I featured a couple of more ornate and exotic looking outfits to my Ibiza wardrobe, such as the purple lace playsuit, the blue ditsy floral playsuit and the green patchwork dress. As we were on a party island I couldn’t bring the more beautiful maxi dresses and over elaborate pieces as they weren’t suitable for what we were doing but I am totally going to rock these on my next holiday in Gran Canaria in four weeks time. Already putting together my next holiday looks. My inspiration for my next holiday is definitely Dolce & Gabbana with their extravagant and vibrant prints and again mixing in the more modest bohemian items as well.

    Bikini: H&M | Shirt: ASOS | Shoes: Primark

    This blog post was shot both in Ibiza and a little island across from Ibiza called Formentera. We took a day trip there to shoot most of the outfits that I had been wearing over the week because where we were staying in Ibiza was a little too touristy for what I wanted as a backdrop. Formentera was absolutely beautiful that I had to feature some images of the place in this too as it was too pretty not to! I hope you like the edit of the photos, I am feeling so inspired to create some innovative content at the moment, including video. At the bottom of this post is my latest Youtube video, a mini Ibiza lookbook of these looks, I would love it if you guys subscribed as I will be doing more of these soon!

    Thanks guys!     

    Top: H&M


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