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  • What’s Next For My Blog?

    Hi guys,

    So todays post is going to be oh-so brief. The past few weeks I have been occupied with a lot of freelance work, getting that extra money in for the xmas season; so that is why things have gone slightly quiet for a while! Although I have still posted every week. On top of that I have also taken time to take a step back and analyse where my blog is going and what I hope to do next with it!

    When January the 1st hits, you will see Charnelle’Geraldine back in full swing with some new things going on. I can let you in on a little secret and that is that I will be creating regular video content again!

    I stopped uploading videos a few weeks back because I just felt really uninspired with my content and felt like I was simply following the crowd in terms of what I was putting out. It felt unnatural and in all honesty I didn’t really enjoy it.

    However that is soon about to change! I am currently investing in new equipment and I have lots of exciting things planned! When bloggers are not present on Youtube it is like they become a character in a story book, being spoken about in the third person. You see them, you hear about them and you hear some of their speech; but it is not quite the same as being the main character in the story telling it from a first person point of view. What I mean is you become simply an image and so I think it is time I let you into my life a bit! I am going to be producing videos that are more innovative and hopefully enjoyable to watch. So make sure you are subscribed to [My Channel] to see when these go up in the new year!

    My outfit posts will be stepping up a gear soon too. I have felt ever so enthused when it comes to outfits in the past week; and feel I have really honed in on what it is I like to wear. My ‘Outfit Inspo’ pinterest board is on-point right now and I cannot wait to put together new outfits to show you because I think you will all love them and find them more wearable. Follow my [Instagram] to see my new outfits and purchases first!

    My fashion and beauty edits will resume very soon too! Let me know if there is anything you would like me to do with them! I will be getting more creative with these posts! Also, I have opened up a second Instagram account called [UKCurlTalk] which I will be running from January as well. Curls and the maintenance of natural hair is something I am also passionate about aside from fashion; so if any of you reading this have curly hair, definitely give me a cheeky follow on there!

    That’s all I have to say today really except that in today’s post I am wearing this amazing dress from Nobody’s Child. The guys there kindly gifted me a few pieces and this was by far my favourite item. If you didn’t know Nobody’s Child is stocked in Topshop and they have their own online website with lots of affordable and on-trend pieces from party wear to daytime comfies. The quality is so good and I definitely think they are one to watch for affordable and fun pieces!

    My brief post turned into an essay but I guess I had more to update you on than I thought! Thanks for reading and keep checking back for all of the newness!


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    1. 10th February 2017 / 09:51

      Such a cute look, love that dress and those boots! Plus your hair is so dreamy!

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