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  • Where I Am Buying Knitwear & Opting Out Of Fast Fashion

    Jumper | & Other Stories

    Dress | Topshop

    Bag | Radley London

    Boots | River Island

    If there is one thing I have noticed since sensibly approaching saving, it’s that I have become very aware of fashion trends; and how quickly they come and go!

    Now that I am keeping an eye on my finances I have noticed how much I end up spending in order to keep up with the fast pace of fashion. And how many clothes I end up getting rid of each season when they then become unfavourable.

    In light of this, I have had to have a chat with myself and ask whether I really need to keep up with it all. So, over the past few months I have seen myself step away from the demand of trends, in favour of more thought out (more financially justified) pieces.

    This was at first mainly because I wanted anything I buy to have longevity in my wardrobe, which in turn would mean less need to restock my wardrobe each season while I am saving. I’m making it sound like my wardrobe is a shop, but actually my wardrobe really did function like a store with clothes coming and going left, right and centre.


    However choosing not to buy into trends has soon turned into a real preference. I find I am actually much more content with my purchases when avoiding this fast pace of fashion. Spending a little bit more on clothes, because they're not trend-led is making me care more about how I look after and appreciate them; and as a result will mean I will hang onto them longer.

    When I moved into my boyfriends, everyone was shocked at how ‘little clothes’ I had, but this was because I would constantly be getting rid of clothes and updating them most weeks. I got bored of the clothes I was wearing so quickly that I wouldn’t want to hang onto anything for longer than a season really.

    It is only now that I am saving with the goal of buying a house soon that I have realised how crazy this really is; and how captivating the fashion retail industry can be.

    It has been a discussion point on the BBC this week, about how fast fashion is harming the planet. with clothes ending up in landfills and fragments getting fed into the ocean when the clothes are washed. It is all definitely food for thought and something I am becoming more aware of; especially after watching that documentary on plastic the other night. Did anyone watch that!? However when clothes are your real passion it's hard not to admire such a rapid and inspirational industry the retail industry has become.

    Trends are what keeps fashion alive and interesting, and I will always dip into them; but I think it is also important to take a step back and realise when you are getting sucked into consumerism; and just think about what is best for you and your bank balance in the long run. Without sounding too much like sensible Sally! Do you need that new dress, and if you want it; is it something that you will still want to wear in two years time?



    Since getting back from holiday I have turned my attention to knitwear as this area of my wardrobe was seriously lacking, and with winter approaching; I wanted to get my knitwear down! No one wants to feel the chill.

    & Other Stories has been my go-to spot for new-in knitwear. I decided that this year I would only buy timeless knitwear with a good fabric composition to it, again to avoid the act of throwing it away at the end of the season for being bobbly and outdated!

    & Other Stories is such a good option for this, with their many amazing classic silhouettes, in timeless neutral colours, designed in different parts of Europe; that generally come in good quality fabric compositions.

    The jumper in today’s post is such a lovely oversized, chunky roll neck in a light grey tone. I think of this jumper as one of those Pinterest jumpers, you know the ones that always crop up on there; a kind of ‘It Jumper’. Super classic and really well designed; the shape and length is perfect; and its so warm and cosy.

    Jumper: & Other Stories | Dress: Topshop | Bag: Radley London | Boots: River Island

    I teamed this beautiful jumper with a Topshop piece which will be featured in my next post, but layered over mini length apparel, gives the oversized jumper a more feminine feel. Mine is in a size Small, I am usually an Extra Small buts I like my knitwear to be comfortable and roomy. I also have on my classic black ankle boots from River Island which I wore to death last winter through to summer, and they’re a little tired looking now unfortunately!

    Nevertheless I have recently purchased an update of this classic style of boot as I have loved my battered pair and want to wear the style for the foreseeable future. I will share these with you guys soon! I finished off the look with my lovely Radley London ‘Liverpool bag’ in the mink colour which hasn’t left my arm since I got it; and which works so well with autumnal tones!





    1. Lucy
      29th October 2018 / 10:17

      Magnifique choix !
      J’aime beaucoup cette composition

    2. 21st January 2019 / 21:35

      Lovely jumper! I haven’t watched the documentaries but I’ve read articles and we definitely need to think about trends and like you said, whether we are being sucked in by consumerism. This time round, I have taken a step back and thought carefully about my purchases in the Christmas sales. I went on a spending ban and made a list of things I needed or had been wanting for a while to help prevent impulse buys. x

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