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  • Where To Find Inspiration For Outfits

    Feeling uninspired? Not sure what you should be buying this season? Or do you simply want to know more places you can find inspiration? Here is a list of places you can turn to, to get that outfit inspiration you need.


    Blogs have boomed in the past few years, with more and more people jumping on the blog bandwagon. Everyday girls and boys from all over the globe are sharing their latest purchases, styling tips and outfit creations. A great way to find different blogs is via Bloglovin. This is a free website that you can sign up to and you can search through to find blogs you enjoy and want to follow, it’s a great way of getting all the updates from your favourite blogs in one place! I follow so many bloggers, get a great deal of inspiration for my own outfits, and know exactly where to shop for certain bits because of their posts. So thanks guys!


    This is a bit of an old-school website, but it is still pretty huge and influential. Lookbook is a site purely for people to upload pictures of their outfits. The site has everything from really glossy blogger images to quick outfit snaps from people who just want to get involved. Search for specific finds like ‘bomber jackets’ for example and see how people all over the world are wearing theirs.  

    Magazine Editorials

    Magazines of course are a great way to gain some major fashion inspo. Sometimes editorials are a bit drastic in their styling but take in the idea and simplify it for your everyday outfits. I get so much inspiration from magazine editorials; especially for styling work outside of blogging. Magazines are always ahead of time so they are also a great way of getting ahead of the game in terms of what to buy and how to wear it. Look out for specialised fashion publications as well as your mainstream Vogue and Elle.


    This may be really obvious but definitely try and keep up with what is happening on the catwalks. This will help to inform whether your purchases are going to be on-trend for the foreseeable future. See what key pieces keep popping up on the runway, look out for styling touches, colour combinations, prints and fabrics. If you are informed on all of these things then your mind will remain inspired throughout the season when you see things on the high street. It will be a case of, ‘ah I saw something like that in the Kenzo show’, and this will inspire your next new outfit choice.

    Brand campaigns

    High street stores and designer campaign imagery is a great source of inspiration. Brands pull out their best pieces and create outfits that are right on-trend and shout out their individual brand image and direction. Campaigns are the perfect outfit inspiration and what is great is that you can actually create every look they put together because you can access the clothing in store. See a complete outfit you like and you can go and shop it! I adore the ASOS magazine; I get so much styling inspiration from them for unusual outfit combos. H&M campaigns are usually pretty inspiring and of course Zara campaigns are outfit goals.


    The people around you are so inspiring. One of my favourite things in London is the inspiration you can get from the general public. London is jam-packed with fashionistas who rock individual style and creative, on-point outfits.  


    This website is somewhere that I am making a conscious effort to look at regularly. You can create online mood boards to refer back to, which is amazing as you can access them on your phone whenever you want. I have boards on Pinterest for pulling together styling details I like and want to achieve myself, also trend boards, hair inspiration; everything and anything! I make a lot of my clothing purchases as a result of seeing outfits I want to recreate from Pinterest.

    In store VM

    Taking in the visual merchandising in stores is a good source of inspiration. Keep an eye on the store windows and how the mannequins are styled around the store. If you see a piece you like but are unsure how to wear it; have a look at the clothes that it is next to; and the clothes around that section of the store. Staff will make sure that all clothing is grouped together into mini ‘stories’ to make shopping easier for you. Each story and section of the store has clothes in it that would work well together in an outfit.  

    Celebrities and Models

    Celebrities a lot of the time have personal stylists to dress them to the T; meaning they become major inspiration for outfits. Likewise models are always being dressed in amazing outfits. Keep up with celebrities and models that have a similar style to you, or a style that you would like to achieve; then look out for affordable, similar clothing you could buy.


    Lastly Instagram is my fashion holy grail app. Every day I trawl through this site and get the latest outfit creations from bloggers, brands, designers, celebrities, models and friends. This is by far my favourite app for inspiration and I love how interactive it is too. Most people have Instagram but make sure you use it to its best ability as a style bible.  

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