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  • Why Do I Blog?

    Top: Zara

    Jeans: ASOS

    Boots: Topshop

    Bag: Topshop

    For anyone outside of the blogging stratosphere, blogging must seem completely bonkers. I for one  love it but I know a lot of people do not understand the whole obsession. I think this is why a lot of bloggers actually write their content for the intention of other bloggers to read. It is also why most of bloggers followers are also other bloggers!

    For people who don’t read blogs or do not totally ‘get’ them, like say a lot of my friends and family, I feel they must think I just really enjoy having my photo taken and posting it online.

    I can assure you this is not the case. And in actual fact, having my photo taken is the least enjoyable part for me, even if I do have a laugh with my sister in the process.

    So why do I blog?

    Blogging for me, if we strip it right back to when I started, has always been about sharing new clothes that I love with the world, and showing how I would style outfits.

    Coming from a majority female household, I have always loved going shopping for the day, coming home and then trying on the new pieces I have purchased and showing my mum and sister; while also seeing what they have purchased. Blogging is kind of the same thing, but you get to do it with people from different towns and countries; with people you have never met before, who completely inspire you.

    However as blogging has gradually evolved over the years there has been so much more that has kept that spark going between myself and blogging. I have always been very creative and have had a wide range of creative interests. Blogging is like running your own little publication, and you have to take on so many job roles to keep it afloat.

    Just to give you a feel for how much goes into blogging, here are some of the categories of work I undergo behind the scenes to upload posts every week; writing, photography, styling, social media marketing, PR, retouching, modelling, hair and makeup, creative direction and administrating. Blogging really lets you dip your toes into different roles and you are doing it all under your own name, so there is a sense of accomplishment in your work.

    Blogging is kind of taking that dream that feels unattainable, like being the editor of Vogue ha, and having a go at creating your own little space. It’s creating your own little stamp on the industry. It’s like setting up your own business and watching it grow. It’s like creating a piece of art every week and having people appreciate it. It’s like the ultimate way to connect with everyone in the world who has the same interests and being part of an online gang.

    This is why I blog.


    Todays look is super simple but I love it. This Zara knit is literally my favourite thing right now. I haven’t been into the whole corset trend that has been about, as it can look a little tacky; but of course Zara have run with it and made it look chic. The corset style waist is really flattering on the figure, giving you a nice silhouette and I love the sort of balloon style sleeves. I styled it off the shoulder for more of a feminine look and teamed it with my go-to straight leg jeans, the ASOS Farleighs. I am enjoying lighter denim washes at the moment as we head into spring and I also wore this gorgeous bag from Topshop. The thick strap is super on trend and I like to wear it cross body and to the front of me, I like the way it pulls the outfit together when worn like this.  



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