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  • Why Every Girl Should Have Time Being Single

    Blazer: Missguided

    Top: Topshop

    Jeans: H&M

    Shoes: River Island

    Why is single life dreaded so much? On Facebook there are all these ridiculing memes about having no valentine and the rest of it. I don’t understand why so many girls fear being single. Of course sharing your life experiences with a partner is the ultimate goal but it’s totally ok to have your own experiences first!

    I have had the best few years of being single and I think every girl needs that time in their life.

    In the past I have had a few fairly long relationships. It was the typical scenario: hang out; have a good laugh; grow feelings; become boyfriend and girlfriend; spend lots of time together; petty arguments start; both love spending time together but also get on each other’s nerves a lot; break up; have that period of not being together but also still spending a lot of time together; jealousy; paranoia; one big nasty fall out; heartache and then the end. This is then followed by lots of going out with your girls, chatting to new guys, hoping to meet someone else. 

    Almost everyone has had this experience or one similar, it is just that natural cycle so that we eventually figure out what we want from a relationship in the end. I also think being single should be added to that cycle for the same reasons. So that you know who you want to be as a person in a relationship in the end too!




    From the age of 21 I have been single, and four years later I am still very much single. Don’t get me wrong I have been on quite a lot of dates, I have had long periods of seeing the same guys and done the whole tinder thing; but my status has been single and I am not ashamed of that!

    I have had the, ‘how are you still single’, and the ‘you’ve been single for ages now, don’t you want to have a boyfriend’.

    There are plenty of times I could have got into a relationship again but for me I would just be settling which I feel a lot of girls do out of the fear of being alone.

    I do feel ready to meet someone now but I am so pleased I had the time to embrace single life and here is why I think you should too!

    5 Reasons Why I Have Enjoyed Being Single

    Know Yourself

    In my time as a good and proper singleton I have had so much time to work on my own character. When you are in a relationship it is so easy to define yourself through that person. “We do this, we like that’ and feeling like you can’t live life happily without that person in it. Being single has really made me hone in on who I am as a person, my own wants, my own wishes and how I can make myself happy without the help of anyone else.

    Freedom Is Goals

    Being single means that you are completely free to be selfish! When you are a child and in your teens you have to answer to your parents who put certain restrictions on you for the benefit of your life; and your relationship with them. Then when you enter a relationship with someone in your teens or young adult life you then encounter a few more expectancies that are needed in order to keep that relationship in line too. I feel that every girl should have time to be a bit selfish and have that complete freedom.

    The Others 

    It is so easy to get into a little bubble when you are in a relationship. It is easy to want to spend all of your time with that person and forget about others around you. Being single for me has strengthened my bond with friends and family and made me realise that when I am in a relationship, these other people are just as important and make me just as happy!  

    Fun Dates, Meeting People & Butterflies

    Looking back I am so happy to have experienced a big chunk of single life. What other time in your life can you meet random people on a one-to-one basis?  It is so cool to see how you can cope with being in that situation. It is also nice to be able to experience that feeling of having butterflies a good few times over, right! I have had a great time dating, I have been taken to nice restaurants, rooftop bars picnics and all sorts, even though the dates haven’t amounted to ‘love’ I have some great memories, funny stories and not to mention free dinners! Haha.


    One thing that I feel gets over looked when people are single is the fun of suspense. I love thinking that I have no idea still about where my life is going to go. It makes it kind of exciting! I don’t know who I will end up marrying, what they look like, where we will meet. A lot of girls have the glass half empty kind of thought process, I think the suspense is an invigorating thing. Just let life take its course!


    In today’s post I am wearing a current favourite outfit of mine. When I wear this I just feel really good. It is an all-black look which I have slipped into quite a bit recently, it is super easy and effortless but looks really put together. I am obsessed with this blazer right now; it is such a nice alternative to the classic black blazer with its faux leather finish and gold buttons. The blazer has that military feel so it's super ‘on-trend’ and it looks pretty luxe without making a dent in your bank account. Fitted pieces are slowly creeping into my wardrobe and I think the fitted jacket is a nice touch and different from my more oversized blazers. I teamed it with black skinny jeans, a casual black tee and black leather boots for an easy, chic, smart casual look.


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