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  • Why I Had A Complete Style Overhaul

    Blazer: ASOS

    Tshirt: Selected Femme

    Trousers: ASOS

    Heels: Public Desire

    Watch: Marc Jacobs

    Out goes the street style and in comes the chic style. For all of you who know me or have followed me over the years, you will have realised that recently my style has transformed quite rapidly.

    It actually started switching up from summer last year but being a blogger, you have your niche, you have your ‘brand’ and I wanted to keep up what I had already started a few years back in terms of style. I have always been heavily influenced by the 90’s, urban fashion and also anything sports inspired or vintage. I love the relaxed, experimental and ‘cool’ outfits you can create with these styles.

    During university I obviously didn't have much money and so I started getting quite thrifty and d.i.y looks were also adopted a lot. Post university and before employment I started up Charnelle Geraldine, I was creating ‘budget’ looks that were diverse and unusual; and brands were enjoying my experimental style and they were sending me really quirky pieces to style up. My style was very much, wearing things that not a lot of people would be brave enough to wear.

    While living in London I was heavily influenced by East London and all of the ‘hipster’ vibe places like Shoreditch, Dalston and Hackney. It was a good time for me to wear all the vintage, urban pieces I have always loved. It was cool to be casual and you can’t help but be influenced by your surroundings. It was fun to live in a place where you could literally wear whatever you wanted and no one would batter an eyelid.

    In May last year I moved back home to my hometown in Essex and I think this marked the beginning of my style transition. Different things were influencing me. New things were inspiring me; and gradually I found that I was liking different people’s photos on Instagram and picking up tailored trousers instead of combat trousers when shopping.

    As a blogger you have a ‘brand’ and you have a ‘niche’ and mine has always been experimental, boy meets girl, unusual outfits that don’t cost the world. So over the summer of 2016 and moving into winter I have been tightly sticking to ‘my branding’ and posting outfits of that genre. However as my personal style evolved, the level of satisfaction I had with my blog descended.

    As I turned 25, I literally felt the extra year add on and realised that I am an adult and the fact that I am maturing is probably another reason as to why my preferences have changed. I realised that it is ok for your style to transition as your life transitions. There are little triggers that give you new perspectives and definitions of what is nice.

    Essex is renowned for image conscious girls who enjoy dressing up and taking care of themselves. Although I wouldn’t define my style as very ‘Essex,’ I have definitely been influenced by my environment and am more interested in looking more ‘feminine’ and dressy. I have also been better off financially since leaving my full-time job so I have enjoyed spending more on my clothes which has been a major influence on my style choices.

    My wardrobe has had a complete style overhaul and it has been so fun to revamp it all.

    I see this new found love of fashion to be a refreshing start to 2017 and to my blog and I would love to know what you guys think of it!


    Tailoring has fast become my obsession and in today’s post I have on this stone coloured trouser suit which gives me total girl-boss vibes. I just love suits for evening wear and also for daywear when you just want to look put-together. I have teamed it with my Selected Femme white print t-shirt and some black barely-there heels with the gold toe strap. Suits are so good for mix and matching which makes them the perfect investment for all year round.

    Team the blazer with a white shirt and jeans or team the trousers with a black roll neck jumper, for some other styling options. Heels are not always the most comfortable choice, so you can totally rock trouser suits with a pair of boots, go all Cara Delevingne with some trainers or even wear brogues for the Theresa May look ha.  

    Photography by Tia Gardiner


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