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  • Why You Should Cut Yourself Some Slack | & 5 Important Tips

    Tuxedo Jumpsuit: ASOS

    Boots: Topshop [Alternative]

    Watch: Marc Jacobs

    I don’t know if you are like me, sometimes I can be pretty hard on myself.

    I am one of those extensive list writers, I have post it notes, I have calendars, I have diaries and the list most jotted on is the one in my head.

    Lists are so, so good for organisation but they can also be somewhat destructive too.

    There is nothing worse for me than creating a list of things to do in the day, to reach for my diary before bed time to see that only two things got crossed off.

    This is when the tossing and turning on my pillow at night comes in, thinking about how productive I need the next day to be; in order to be ‘on track,’ or ‘on schedule’.

    It could just be, taking my shoes to get re-heeled, (which I still haven’t ticked off) or it could be to write three blog posts, little things that then feel like the end of the world because they haven’t had that thick biro line struck through them by 12pm on Thursday 26th January.

    I say this date because this is the date I last started giving myself a hard time over productivity, and also the day I realised just how silly I was being. But hey I got a blog post topic out of it so, that day wasn’t a total blow out; every cloud!

    I know I am not alone in this quest to be the best person I can possibly be, and that a lot of us can get caught up in this silly mind-set. It’s great to be ambitious and motivated but we also need to remember to cut ourselves some slack from time to time.

    Here is how I plan to make sure I do just that, 5 things to remember at that point when you are just about to doubt yourself.

    Do not compare yourself to anyone else!


    I feel like this is one huge point to make. In a time when Instagram is the app full of ‘superior beings’; where everyone’s life is made out to be made of red velvet cake and sunsets; we need to remember that no one is posting themselves running to the post office in an old washed out hoody, or blowing their nose or telling people that they haven’t been organised enough to get new clobber in to post on social media this week so they have filled it with old pictures instead. My point is no one is perfect, and what even is this idea of ‘perfect’ anyways? If you are not currently posting your quick trip to L.A or your success in reaching thousands of new subscribers, don’t threat because those exact people were once feeling exactly how you are today. Remember that you have something that no one else has got, because there is only one you and that is your niche; don't try and emulate someone else as that is their niche. If you want something enough; you will get it, but for now cut yourself some slack.

    Set yourself achievable goals!


    Now this point is all about lowering your expectations. We all have this idea of how we want things to be, but you must remember that it is a case of taking baby steps. We didn’t learn to walk in a day. I am guilty of this, I have so many creative ideas buzzing around in my head that I want to bring to life but I have to remember that it is just not possible to do it all at once. Give yourself a break and jot down weekly or monthly targets that are achievable. In turn, these little steps will all come together to help you achieve the big ideas you had in mind, and minus the stress! Also if you lower your expectations, when you have the chance to excel and beat them this will make you feel more productive and proud of yourself.

    Remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished.


    We are all guilty of only highlighting the negatives in life, the things we didn’t tick off of our lists. However it is so important to reflect on those things that you did manage to tick off of your list. It is all about cutting yourself some slack and giving yourself that gratitude for the regular achievements you make. The other day, (the dreaded Thursday 26th January), I felt so annoyed with myself and got myself feeling pretty low because I didn’t achieve what I wanted to throughout the week. After I snapped out of that silly mood I sat back and realised that actually I really needed a pat on the back. In that week I had managed to overcome some techy obstacles which is not my forte I must say! On the self-hosted website I made from scratch, I figured out how to transfer some data and all of my subscribers over from my old website, I worked out how to make my website automatically back up regularly and I learnt a lot more Photoshop tricks. These tasks weren’t the spectacular things I set myself to do on my list, but when I think about it, they were all huge challenges I had completed so why was I giving myself a hard time? It is a great idea to also write down lists of things that you have achieved in the week and stick them up as a mental note to prove to yourself that you have done really well. The gold star effect I guess!  

    Look after yourself!

    It is so easy to bog yourself down with work. Take time to give yourself a break, literally. Do what you enjoy most to unwind, have a workout at the gym, a pamper session in the bath or indulge in some chocolate in front of the box. It is important to get the balance of striving for future ‘perfection’ and getting to grips with reality and enjoying life at this very moment in time.  

    Give yourself a reality check!

    It is easy to get sucked into your own self-pity and this obsurd world of social media; but you must remember to keep a grasp of reality. Be thankful for all the things you may be taking for granted like health or security; a roof over your head or the food on your table. It is easy to forget the difference between necessity and desire. If the things you are trying to attain are a desire, remember there always people out there who are trying to attain a necessity.

    I hope this helps you guys as much as it has helped me to realign my mind in times of self-doubt!


    Tailoring is the word on my brain at the moment and I just had to pick up this jumpsuit when I saw it online. It is city chic with a bit of an edge and I love it! The jumpsuit has a real boxy silhouette, kind of unflattering actually but in that trendy, unflattering sort of way. It is really structured in a thick woven polyester fabric and features wide legs which are slightly cropped. I would wear this casually as shown in today’s post with black ankle boots or in the evening for drinks with some black barely-there heels. If you prefer a more fitted look I would definitely size down, I got my normal size but I know a size down would still fit and give a new feel to the piece; but this is meant to be that masculine fit.


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    1. 9th February 2017 / 10:37

      Very nice outfit, and OMG I love your hair. xx

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