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  • Summer Curls With Bumble & Bumble

    It has now been four years since I put the straighteners down for the final time and decided to grow back my natural curls.

    I will talk about my hair journey another time, but after chopping all of my hair off twice to cut away the dead ends, leaving me with hair up above my shoulders. After frantically trying to create hair styles to improve the appearance of my hair that now had straight, limp bits at the bottom and fresh, corkscrew curls at the top.

    I can now finally say that the transition into natural hair was so, so worth it. The thought of using heat on my hair again actually makes me cringe and I can proudly say that my hair is my favourite physical attribute. As I say in my ‘about me’ page on this blog, I consider my hair to be my ultimate accessory.

    So skipping forward four years from my last encounter with the straighteners, my hair is super healthy, super long and this is completely down to avoiding any heat and of course, using good products. I love it when natural hair brands reach out to me with samples to try, as I think you will agree if you have textured hair that it is hard to figure out what products to invest your money into.

    Bumble and Bumble very kindly reached out to me and asked if I would like to try out their Bb Curl range. Of course I said yes as this is a brand I had heard a lot about but was put off trying due to their slightly higher price point. (We have all been there, purchasing a new hair product that you are excited to try, using it, only to find it does nothing for your hair and great; you have completely wasted your money.)

    I have not been sponsored to write this post or asked to write about it, but I thought it would be useful for you guys, who like me were worried about spending the money on a product that might not be worth the hype. Spoiler alert- It is definitely worth it. And I am going to tell you why.

    So let’s start off by talking about my expectations. Its summer, it’s hot, and my curls need hydrating in this climate. My hair can get dry so easily and it is down to the products I use as to how quickly my hair gets thirsty. So I wanted longevity in the moisture these products give my hair.

    You will see from my last hair post that I am not afraid of a bit of frizz, but what I do want from a product is defined curls that aren’t weighed down. These are the two factors I look out for in products I use throughout summer.

    Bb. Curl Shampoo | £24 for 250ml

    Alcohol, parabens, sulphate cleansers and phthalates free; tick, tick, tick, tick. Lather well? Yep!  Does it clean your hair? Yes it does. It really does haha!

    After rinsing this product off my hair felt completely stripped of any oils and moisture which may sound a bit like whaat? But I felt really satisfied that my hair got a really thorough clean which is important for us girls who do not wash our hair that often. It is good to know that when you do, your hair is completely clean through and through. This is definitely what you are paying for with this product, the assurance that your hair is clean with a capital C.

    A little also goes a long way so even though the price seems a little steep, in the long run it really isn’t. The Bb. Curl Shampoo, I know is going to last especially as I only wash my hair once a week. I would and will continue to use this product as it is undeniable that the whole range, when used in conjunction, just works! And works so so well!

    Bb. Curl Custom Conditioner | £26 for 200ml

    I was so impressed to see that not only can you use this product as a wash out conditioner in the shower, it also doubles up as a leave-in. Genius! Also, how good is that for taking away on holiday! The slip in this product is like no other, the product helps to detangle in the shower and you can really feel where the money has gone with this product as the texture of it beats any other I have ever tried. The cream is silky smooth and smells amazing. After conditioning my hair in the shower and washing it out my hair is left really soft and moisturised. It also feels really lightweight. As a leave in this product is also a dream, again the slip means it is easy to work through the hair from root to tip and your hair if left feeling silky. I highly recommend this product, the only criticism is the size. If you do use it to double up as a conditioner and leave in, you are going to get through it very quickly. I am sad to see it go down as it is a really great little product.   

    Bb. Curl Defining Crème | £24 for 250ml

    I have used curl defining creams in the past and not always seen the benefit of them. This however has been amazing. When you apply this product you can actually see it working instantly. The product somehow separates the curls as you run it through with your fingers. With curls, big ringlets clump together and so we sometimes need to sit and pull them apart, this product does that for you almost. Yes there will still be some sprucing up to do at the end but the curls become so separated and I love that because it means more natural volume and shape. You can see from my images how each curl is quite thin but there are a lot of them. This is what you are spending that bit extra for with this product and I say to invest in this 100% if you can!

    Bb. Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil | £25 for 190ml

    So this was the product I was most excited to try; anti-humidity in the title sounded awesome for summer. There has only ever been one gel product that worked for me in terms of keeping defined, silky looking curls. This product is a good competitor for it. On first use, I wasn’t too sure, but on second try I added a little more product than first time round and it worked wonders.

    There is absolutely no build up with this gel-oil meaning your hair is light and bouncy; once your hair is dry you don’t get that crispy look lol but your hair is shiny, defined and it keeps its length so well. Shrinkage for us girls is the bane of our life, but this product makes sure that the curls are kept elongated as it dries and this is what I feel you are paying for with this product. This is a great little product for summer curls as it is also anti-humidity and it does stop your hair from frizzing too much in the heat.

    I am completely sold on Bumble and Bumble, the Bb Curl as a collective range is so, so good. I usually dip into different items from different brands and use them together, so it was refreshing to see a brand have a collection of products that all do what they say on the label and work well in conjunction with one another. My expectations were met with this product, after use I don’t need to refresh my curls until day four which is fab, and all I do is add a spray of water and apply a little more conditioner.

    Is it worth the extra money? Most definitely! You really get that almost luxury feel, first of all the packaging is beautiful and the consistencies are so delicate and enjoyable to use. I really want to try more from Bumble and Bumble now!


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