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  • Travel Post | A Weekend In Amsterdam

    So if you have been following me on Instagram, you will have seen in my stories that I recently visited Amsterdam. This is my second trip to the beautiful city and I thought I would capture the experience through my camera lens. I love travelling and am lucky enough to be visiting a few destinations this year so I am keen to share some travel content with you guys.

    On this particular trip I really wanted to just have some fun and not worry too much about social media so I decided to have a go at being behind the lens instead of in front of it for once and play with my photography.

    I travelled with two friends and my cousin and we literally had the best time, so much laughing, exploring and getting lost I might add; but it only added to our experience.

    Amsterdam is such a pretty place, every road is built up with high-rise, narrow houses overlooking stunning canals that run right through the city. Everywhere is so picturesque, it’s literally an Instagrammers dream. We were lucky enough to have a weekend of amazing weather and got to see the city in its optimum, vibrant self.

    We spent a lot of time in Rembrandt Square which is full of street performers, market stalls, cafes, coffee shops and a really relaxed crowd sat within the hustle and bustle. My friends and I, after a slightly heavy night out, strolled to the square and laid on the grass next to some street performers who were playing instruments; and just watched the world go by for a couple of hours. Pure bliss.

    There are so many places to eat out or grab a snack, a foodies heaven. If you are after a good weekend of partying then Amsterdam is the place to be as well with so such a lively nightlife.

    We actually liked Leidseplein Square which was round the corner from our hotel for nightlife, think Soho in London but only a bit prettier. Drinks were quite expensive to be honest but we purchased some alcohol to sit and drink outside in the sun, which meant less to pay in the bars. You can definitely adapt your stay to meet your budget, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

    In terms of accommodation, we stayed in a little B&B style place which did the job. The owners were friendly and it was a good base to get changed, have a snooze and leave our belongings. With city breaks you don’t spend much time in your hotel so I don’t recommend spending a fortune on amazing accommodation, just somewhere safe with a clean, comfy bed will do!

    My friends and I only took carry on luggage meaning we took minimal items with us. I packed two pairs of comfortable shoes, two summer dress’s, two skirts, one pair of shorts and three tops for the whole weekend (Friday to Monday) and this was more than enough clothes. I also took 200 euros and came back with 50 euros as a guide for how much spending money you would need for a long weekend.

    I advise checking sky scanner for cheap flights, you can pick up flights from a different airline for the way there to the way back sometimes to make it cheaper. I would also say not to be scared to book accommodation slightly further out from the main area as it still won’t take long to walk to everything; just get the map on your phone out for some assistance.

    Amsterdam is well worth a visit, the flight for one takes 30 minutes from London airports, amazing! It’s a lovely little place that is unique from other cities in so many ways, definitely a must-see!


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