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  • What I Did And Wore In Cyprus

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    Dress | Topshop

    Bikini | H&M

    Skirt | Topshop

    I have been home a couple of weeks now from my late summer holiday to Cyprus. We stayed in Paralimni on the Greek side of the island, close to the popular area of Protaras. I must say that the beaches in Paralimni were some of the best I have visited. They weren’t as breath taking as your more tropical beaches, although they were still extremely beautiful; but in terms of enjoyment; they were perfect. The beach has numerous little coves that run along it with pretty, shallow waters that meant that the sea was lovely and warm and super still. It felt like little bathing pools, perfect for relaxing at any time of the day and having a peaceful swim.

    Protaras was good for the evenings to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail or two, while next door is Aiya Napa for your super lively nightlife if that is your thing! One of most enjoyable parts of the holiday for me however, was when we went for a day trip over to the Turkish side of the island. We visited Famagusta, an old Venetian walled town that hosted the Othello Castle and boasted so much history, culture and beautiful architecture. There was so much to look at, we could have spent a lot longer there exploring all of the small passages, churches, shops and monuments.

    In our time on the Turkish side of the island we also visited what has been dubbed the ghost resort. This really was such an incredible part of the trip, but left you feeling stunned and also kind of sad. We saw what used to be the most glamourous and luxurious part of Cyprus, where all the big stars used to take their vacations. However today it is quite literally deserted!


    Dress | Free People

    As you stand on the very edge of the shore line, on a small section of the beach that you are allowed to use today; to the right of you, your eye follows the coast line where hundreds of old hotels that lead onto the beach are completely abandoned, and it goes on for miles! It really was a shocking sight and a must-see if you go to Cyprus, although you can only view it from that small part of the beach, the hotels and shoreline are out of bounds and guarded by Turkish soldiers. In a nutshell, when the Turkish invasion happened in the 1970’s, all of the Greek occupants on that side of the island had to flee their homes and there businesses to make their way out of the area that was taken over by the Turkish.

    What is left today is just a glimpse at what used to be, left silent and static; which is also the case for so many houses in that part of the island too, which we were able to see on our tour as well!

    I have linked an editorial by The Telegraph for images and footage, [article here] but I highly recommend the trip hosted by The Original Red Bus: (linked below), who were the best tour guides for such interesting information and the entertaining delivery of it as well.


    Top | Zara

    Shorts | Topshop

    Shoes | H&M

    One other bonus of the trip was that the island had so many cats running around, so if you are a cat lover then this is definitely an extra perk!

    I didn’t buy a heap of new clothes for this trip because I am currently saving for a house and was well aware that when I arrived home I would be greeted by Autumn. However I did pick up a few beautiful pieces like my lovely vibrant red dress from Free People which had a pretty backless detail and a lovely shimmer to it. I also bought my Self-Portrait jumpsuit which was a brilliant purchase, that I continue to wear into Autumn for evenings out. In the same theme, I also took a Topshop pinafore dress that is really feminine and again can be worn with a blouse underneath or jumper on top for Autumn too!



    1. 1st October 2018 / 13:15

      That’s such an interesting read on the Turkish side of the island. Also love the shorts and blouse combo.

      • Charnelle
        1st October 2018 / 14:34

        Thank you hun, glad you liked it! Where is your favourite holiday destination? Ah yes it was such and easy outfit but I loved the way it looked too, thank you! 🙂 xx

        • 1st October 2018 / 14:38

          I think it would have to be Budapest. I’m dying to go back!

          • Charnelle
            1st October 2018 / 16:35

            Ah interesting! I really want to go there for a few days over xmas! Do send me your recommendations if you have any! xx

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