• Keeping Creative | shot on my Iphone

    11.04.20 - 26.04.20 I am already enjoying rounding off the week with creating these little photo diary …

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  • Starting A Business & Introducing Yoghurt Creative

    Introducing our new business venture, and a brief overview of our motive for, and experience …

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  • Little things in lockdown | shot on my Iphone

    05.04.20 - 10.04.20 During this period of being in lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I have …

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  • Creating A Home

    Pictures of our property before we get stuck into renovation.

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    1. Lucy
      29th October 2018 / 10:17

      Magnifique choix !
      J’aime beaucoup cette composition

    2. 21st January 2019 / 21:35

      Lovely jumper! I haven’t watched the documentaries but I’ve read articles and we definitely need to think about trends and like you said, whether we are being sucked in by consumerism. This time round, I have taken a step back and thought carefully about my purchases in the Christmas sales. I went on a spending ban and made a list of things I needed or had been wanting for a while to help prevent impulse buys. x

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